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  • Alexandra Henshel "Librarian/Book Blogger/Pas... - Another winner from DiCamillo!SO GREAT! Kate DiCamillo does it again giving us a fantastic heroine in Flora and unexpected lovable superhero in the squirrel Ulysses. Any one who has ever daydreamed about having a life-changing super power magically transport us out of our ordinary lives (and I mean, isn't that all of us at least one time or another?) will appreciate this adorable duo's adventures and genuine friendship.
  • Megan, FL - compact, powerful, and EASY to cleanWe replaced a Jack LeLane Juicer which was a pain to clean. The nutribullet is SO easy to clean it is no problem to use it multiple times a day. It is powerful--can handle ice cubes and frozen fruit, nuts, etc. The recipe book is great. My husband is using the nutribullet 1-2 times a day rather than go on Lipitor for rising cholesterol. He has lost 10 pounds over the last month with ease...we are waiting on the cholesterol results. I am a Registered Dietitian and love the fact that you don't lose any of the fiber with this product (vs. the juicer) also that you can make a complete "meal" using vegetables, fruit, and a protein source in a short amount of time making compliance more likely. Also the cost is very reasonable. We have had our nutribullet for a few months, use it daily, and have had no problems.
  • Chaya - I love this TVIt's only been out of the box for an hour, and I'm already convinced this was the right TV to buy. I'm one of those people who believe that if a product is designed right, I should never have to look at the manual. With the exception of putting the TV on the stand this has been true. The remote and the software work beautiful together.

    The smart: while waiting for the cable modem to reboot, I clicked on settings, and the TV connected to my wireless network faster than a new Mac does. A click on the "smart tv" remote button, and I was in business. The YouTube app connected easily with my iPad, so I was instantly able to play videos I bookmarked. The TV software then remembers the videos you've recently played so you can go back to them easily. I'm looking forward to playing with the other networked features and will update the review when I've had more experience.

    The sound is clear and better than most built in TV speakers. The sound settings give you a limited amount of customization, and I wish it had a bass boost, but otherwise no complaints. I've been listening to both music and standard TV programs.

    The quality of the picture is what sold me on LG TVs over the other brands when I went to the store to check out the different brands. As a previous fan of high end Sony TVs, this one holds its own in terms of sharpness and detail. If you are wondering if getting full 1080 HD resolution on a 32" TV is worth spending a bit more, it is. Whether you are trying to read movie credits or seeing the details of the net behind home plate, those extra pixels mean a lot.

    The "Picture Wizard" makes customizing brightness, contrast and color easy. There is no absolute in picture preferences, so you can set it to what looks good to you. It might have just been an overcast day in Chicago when I was watching the Cubs game, but I turned off the Eco mode because it made the picture look too flat. This TV faces a window with a southern exposure, so maybe I was asking too much of it.

    One warning: the 60Hz does mean that there will be blurriness in some very fast moving sports or action films. There was only one time it made a difference when watching baseball, but it should be a consideration if you watch faster moving programs.

    Now that I've figured out the basics, I might read the manual to see what features I missed, but even if I don't, this is a great TV.