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  • IGNORE THIS LIST - Best diet I've ever tried

    This diet actually contains food that tastes good, is close to what I normally eat, and with adequate variety that you don't get bored. If you really follow this, it WILL WORK. It does take lots of shopping, and it gets expensive to buy all those lilttle things you don't normally have around, but you DO Want to lose weight, don't you?

  • Q. Ellis "queridaphile" - TASTES GREAT! BONE ITIS!


    Hello everyone. I have bone-itis. I . . . did not drink milk. . . i didn't head the message that 3 glasses a day build strong bones! Now I am using dragon natural speaking to type this to you because my fingers are not strong ehough to type!

    But then I drunk Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz of HEALING! and now the doctor says that my bone itis is stil la hideous uncurable disease! But the milk sure is tasty!!!!!


  • Wh33lz - Great Game

    This game is so much fun, i get home from school everyday and have to fight over it with my siblings. Not just for little kids I play it almost 3 hours straight and it never gets old. If you ever need to just kill some time then definitely buy this game. I would recommend this game to anyone one under the age of 50, and who plays video games over that age anyways. I like the fact that you can play with friends to and watching this game isn't boring either. All and all I would rate this game well above all others of its kinds. I really can't say enough about this game. It has gotten great reviews from many people and sources so please do yourself a favor and buy it. I went through amazon with my new account and it was quick and easy plus it was cheaper than buying it at the store even with shipping. I feel like no matter what you do you can't go wrong with purchasing anything through amazon. The game again is wonderful it show how far graphics have come since just a few years ago when I played games similar to this one. If you only buy one game this year you need to check this one out and buy it right now. I cant believe your still reading this you need to be buying the game right now!! Come on! Do it!!

  • NC Mommy - Awesome Stroller for Toddlers!

    I replaced my Abiie G2G Babydeck, (which is a great stroller for birth-18 months, but a short seat to footrest and seat that won't allow a toddler to sit upright lead to my replacing it) with this stroller, and I am extremely happy with the B-Agile. My 18 month old is tall (36 inches) with really long legs, so I had to find a stroller that had room to grow from seat to footrest. The B-Agile has this. I also like the upright position of the seat, so she's almost sitting straight up. The light weight and portability of this makes it easy to transport (if you fly, spend the extra $ and get the bag. The airlines scratched my Abiie extensively when I last flew with it), and the canopy extends well to cover her when she's napping. I also like the one hand operation, so I can maneuver the B-Agile easily through store doors (where one hand is opening the door and the other is pushing the stroller). There are so many pros to this stroller! The only cons are for an almost $200 stroller (I actually purchased mine from Toys-R-Us with a 20% discount card and got it for $167.00), you'd expect to get the snack tray (an additional $15.99 through Overall, this is a great stroller!