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  • AoiElf "spreading the good word of anime" - the faults of this product are not their own

    I love the Roku 3. It's super tiny and my friends somehow never know what it is and are impressed when I tell them what it can do. I'm not sure if this holds true to it right now, but for some cable carriers you cannot use it for HBO Go, even though you can use the XBox and PS3, but that's not really Roku's fault. It also seems lacking in some other channels like one for Showtime that actually shows their entire lineup. Again, not Roku's fault. I would recommend checking to see if all the channels are available that you want for your particular cable provider, but it is a great streamer for Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services.

  • TheHandsomeDan "TheHandsomeDan" - So great I bought another one for my significant other

    Loved mine, got one for the girlfriend, now she loves it! Good battery life, very nice screen, and good performance. This isn't a budget machine, this is a great tablet that happens to come with a budget price.

  • Jaimi RR McEntire "Jaimi Mcentire" - Great game - ignore the pirates who are rating it down.

    Many of the reviews are written by pirates who are rating the game down because it's hard for them to steal. Many of them are being written by people who never bought the game, nor will buy it, because they don't like DRM.
    It's hard, but try to ignore the idiots. Spore is a lot of fun - it's a modern take on an old classic. It keeps you coming back for more! I too don't like the DRM and would rather it was gone. But the game itself is really good.