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Country: Asia, MY, Malaysia

  • Kristie - Great for kids!

    I saw a clip on television of how effective this pepper spray is on students and since I work at a university I decided I had to have some. The students were particularly impressed with the "hip" fluorescent color...or at least they would have been if they could still see! I'm wondering if they have any in holiday colors for my black Friday and Christmas shopping crowd control needs. Thank god we live in a country where the rights of the few (me in this case) are more important than the rights of the many (everyone else wanting to get their shopping done quickly) so that I don't have to consider what might be best for everyone and can make sure my own needs are met at any cost!

  • Dave - Great tablet

    I've had this tablet for 4-5 months now and can honestly say I love it. I've seen some reviews that say it lags during intense game play but so far I have not found that to be true. I play first person shooters and sports games and they all run very smooth. I would definitely recommend this tablet to my friends and co-workers.