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  • Paul W. Harris - The speed is back!!!!!!!

    Over the years, Quicken has added more and more features to the program and unfortunately the program got slower and slower. Quicken 2012 is quicker and faster in opening, saving and operating then past Quicken programs. I am one of those Quicken users that just enter all my transactions in Quicken and balance my checkbook. I don't use all the added fluf. I want a fast program in order to get my checkbook balanced quickly. Quicken 2012 gave me what I have been begging for, SPEED.

    I was a beta tester for Quicken 2012, so I have been using the program for a little while and got to know it...

  • athalia - Works, but be consistent! PCOS Issues & More!

    We have been "sort of" trying for about 8 years now. I have PCOS- diagnosed at 16, now 31), but am the "thinner" version of it. Still have the typical signs though- inconsistent periods (which are actually a result of break through bleeding and no ovulation), hair growth, etc. I have been tracking my cycles for years and notice that my temps never really rise (meaning no real ovulation signals, no ovulation). Started taking Ovaboost and Fertilaid- 2 fertilaid (morning & night) & 1 ovaboost (at night) for about 2+ months (my system absorbs stuff REALLY well, you may need to take what's recommended). I also used progesterone this month for a few days at about day 16. So, what happened? This month- for the first time in a tracked cycle ever, my temps went up! Then, after the "right" amount of time I started getting a period! I'm super excited for this, as that likely meant I actually ovulated! Additionally, my breasts hurt and I had horrible cramping for 2-3 days. You wouldn't think a person would be excited about that- but when you start to have symptoms of being a normal girl for a change, that's great! Just keep ibuprofen & heating pad nearby. My cycle was much more "normal" now then before also, only a few days instead of weeks when it would occasionally come. I also get hormonal palpitations, and they were so much less this cycle, that alone is worth it! Looking forward to seeing what the next few months hold for us! Will update again down the road! Give it a try, be consistent, eat less white products (sugar, bread, potatoes), don't stress, exercise more, pray, and don't give up hope. All fertilaid products take time to build up in your system, give them that time. I'm not very consistent at exercise or eating a ton better, but I try, and I was consistent in taking these supplements.

  • Timothy Floyd - Nice jacket--shorter then I like but fits

    Its a good jacket for the price. I listened to people about sizing was off and ordered a size up, I probably could have went with my normal size had to adjust it in as far as i could and still loose around the middle section but pretty good in the shoulders. It runs shorter then I would have thought but fits similar to a motorcycle jacket.

    Light weight seems to be sturdy material
    the zipper is excellent
    using it for summer riding, my leathers are to thick for that and I'd trust this more then a mesh motorcycle jacket the material seems quite sturdy

    price, well made, shipped as expected a real quality jacket for the price

    the only con i really see is it runs a little short; admittedly I do have a taller torso then most

  • Alberto F. Oliva - Best heating pad I have had

    It heats up really fast, very comfortable and very soothing. The plush has a great feel to it all around. I really recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good heating pad. I spent lots of money on those 10, 12 , 15 dollar ones only to trashing them after a few times of use.
    Go for it, spend a few bucks extra on this one and you will never look back.

  • Katy Alford - really really great

    This chair rocks! Installed on our counter with no instruction in under one minute. Solid as a rock. Cutest thing ever, in the orange color. Takes up very little space, easy to clean under, and highly portable. And did I mention cute? The orange is muted and gorgeous. Bibs and placemats go in the pocket on the back, which is really nice. Soft and well padded, and Himself sits right up against the counter, which is helpful for a younger baby. No solids yet, but he likes to sit up there while the older kids eat, so he can watch and learn from their antics. Good times, good chair.