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  • Quimbi - Stop writing reviews for Blizzard's launch

    These are reviews meant for the GAME not Blizzard's errors. The game its self is amazing. Adding more customization is awesome, and puts new aspects to this game. Play with friends if you can, makes the experience SO much better.

    This is the same type of thing I saw for BF3 when it first came out. People writing reviews for Origin.. not the game. If you want to cry about the company.. do it some where else. The game its self is awesome.

  • JenisaurusRex - Perfect for research

    like other brilliant books before it, the 2011 BB is a great resource for casual fans as well as die-hard whovians. I like that the Annuals/BBs like to have fun while still providing "behind the scenes" info and interviews. 2011 is a perfect addition to my collection, and a great resource while I write my Doctor Who paper.