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  • clong - 2 in 1 stroller

    I have tried 3 or 4 other strollers and knew what I was looking for if I were to design a stroller and this one is pretty darn close. It's light weight enough as my everyday stroller,but also larger and comfortable enough for bigger day trips. This is why I was willing to pay more for this stroller b/c I think this will grow with my child, and not have to have a lightweight and larger stroller. The wheels are large enough so it rolls well without a lot of force, yet the axle isn't so large you feel like you have to have a sign saying wide load coming though! My 7 month old loves having the tray to hold onto and sit forward and watch the world roll by.
    My only complains are I wish it had more storage and cup holder, and I am 5'9 so I wish the handle was adjustable, but it's comfortable for my height. Other than that I love this stroller and highly recommend it.

  • Amanda Lee - This works!

    I have never used any protection with my husband in the 9 years I have been with him, Im 26 and figured I couldn't get pregnant. I decided to try this before I go to the doctors and see what they could do for me. I had no idea this would work so fast! I only took this for 2 months then BAM I was pregnant! The pregnancy went great and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl! She is now a year old and I havent gotten pregnant again so I think im gonna order me some more. I had given the rest of my bottle to my neighbor that was trying to get pregnant and 3 months later she was pregnant.

  • Karl Vacek - Simple and comprehensive

    This is the best edition yet - the new integrated Help feature alone is worth more than the price of the product. Search your company records for an invoice or search QuickBooks support and user forums from the corner of the screen. No more endless paging through invoice after invoice to find the right one among hundreds to the same customer. No more going to Google for information - it's available simply and effectively right on the QuickBooks screen. It's great!

  • Huantina - Easy, and cute!

    I'm not a big coffee drinker, but occasionally I like one cup. The Mini-Keurig is perfect for that. Visitors always want a cup too so now I can make them one quickly and not worry about all the extra coffee I won't drink. It is perfect for heating up a cup of water for tea or hot chocolate too! I use it for everything and my kids do too.