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  • Lewis A. Edge Jr. "Happy Traveler" - More Natural Looking than the Auto-Stop VersionIt appears that many of our local retail stores are pushing the Just For Men "Auto-Stop" version and often don't have this version and color in stock. In my opinion, this hair coloring is far more natural-looking and control-able. Amazon's three-pack is competitively-priced, was in stock and it was shipped quickly. This coloring takes only five minutes to cover most of the gray. By varying the application time, the effect can be enhanced or decreased to provide more or less coverage; giving a more natural appearance. Since ordering this three-pack from Amazon is quick, convenient, reliable and cost-effective, I'm probably going to stop going from store-to-store trying to find the type and color I want and often being disappointed.
  • Homi Waldorf - Great BookHighly recommend it for both men and women. Will give you new prespective on why you do things you do (if you are a woman). I could not put it down. I read it on one weekend on my tablet and could not put it down. She is honest and right to the point.
  • J. Deiman - Perfect for spicing up your sex lifeI've tried these so called "warming lubes" for use in the bedroom and let me tell you, they are nothing compared to the warming sensation a few shots of Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray creates when sprayed on you and your lover's genitalia. It's like turning your genitals into a love torch!

    I've found it's also highly effective if you want to avoid post-coital snuggling. One quick shot in your partner's face and snuggling will be the last thing they want to do with/to you!
  • A. Tanguay - It's all in the manufacturing people! Wake Up!I got the 20 page brochure for this cable when I was at CES and you guys are all missing some really interesting details about this product. Come on people, research!

    Did you know that the special 'high purity copper' is mined by hand...meaning NO tools of any Tibetan Lamas for their entire life? Only when these Lamas reach true Enlightenment while digging will that copper be used. All the rest is thrown into an active volcano.

    The design for this cable started in the mid 1940's. Denon started the R&D using the best scientists who had just left the Manhattan Project. They didn't even know how this cable would be used, they just knew it HAD to be built. Albert Einstein himself was rumored to have weighed in on some design aspects.

    The heat shrink tubing is applied by the heat of the eternal flame on JFK's grave by a first generation Kennedy.

    The sheathing material is knitted in zero G on NASA's 'vomit comet' jets. Did you know only 4 inches of it can be knitted a day? Yeah, see, you feel pretty dumb now.

    Finally, each cable is encased in a gold sarcophagus and flown to the Vatican on the lap of Tom Hanks for blessing by The Pope. Denon's shipment facilities are just outside of the Vatican.
  • Andrea - Amazing!!!I am absolutely in love with this!!! I have always been a "Moley" person , and I started looking into mole removal creams. One person said in a review said"don't waste your money with dermatend, just buy the main ingredient bloodroot." " it is way cheaper". we'll I did and did not like it. It didn't make my moles go away completely it made them look bubbly and acid eaten. So I tried dermatend and was 100% happy with it! I am a forever buyer;)