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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: Laval, Quebec

  • N. Porter - Excellent for home businesses

    Having my own business (selling on Amazon of all places!), I definitely needed some extra financial software. This program worked really well on my old, slow computer and it gave me everything I needed. I highly recommend it for small businesses to keep track of everything in one spot in an easy to use program!

  • Steven P Jewett - Meets my expectation and then some!

    This is my first tablet and I love the mobility and portability of the unit. The picture is sharp for the movies I download and the dropbox app lets me use this for work docs too. I needed something that would allow me to edit word docs and it can. I find the keyboard easy to use too. I'm glad I bought this.

  • OneFish - SodaStream is awesome!

    I love this product. I've been using it for over a year now and it is excellent!

    There's no batteries, no cords, plus if you take the CO2 canister to BB&B they nock $5 off your new one. I've gone through 4 cartridges in a year and my husband drinks a disgusting amount of soda. No more lugging cans up 3 flights of stairs!!

    I have a couple of suggestions. There's 3 sizes of bottles-small, medium, and large. The medium bottles hold more carbonation than the large ones.
    Also, for those of you who want Coke and Pepsi, get a Sams Club membership. They sell huge bags of syrup online. I just poured it into a gallon jug and put it in the cabinet.

    I'll also tell you that this thing is great for making jaggerbombs. The "red bull" syrup totally works. Plus I'm in school, so, yeah the energy syrup does the trick.

    I highly recommend this product. My favorite syrup is diet orange btw. It's awesome.

  • amina - The cows jumped over the moon

    I was just a mere lass in me mammie's gave just a wee bit of this milk don't ya know. I was just singing and dancing girlie don't ya know. Now, that I grown dearie, everyday I day since darling I've been going to milk'sanoyous. I am milk alcoholic, oh God help me, but I just can't get enough of the stuff and I've taken going to the grocery store goodness me a stealing the stuff. If I just ween myself off the stuff, but I just can't help myself darlin. It's so good that I dream at least I think that maybe I hate to admit it but I start drinking milk early in the morning twen and I went to see the pope, to see redemption for me wee soul, but he go tired off seeing me sorry tass in the confessional and he going to retire on February 28 of tis year. Oh God help me he give on me soul and I am doomed to be hook on the yummie stuff for the rest of me wretched life.

  • Alan P. Mcguiness "aotearoa" - Wish I had purchased sooner

    My cancer medication gives me terrible night sweats and hot flashes, plus I have the "burning feet" syndrome from diabetes, this pillow is an absolute godsend. Since I sleep like a rock, I do not move much, so can wake up sweaty in the morning. My solution is to have two Chillows, and I change over during the night, usually without remembering. I refrigerate mine every evening, would not be without it, and for $24.95 it is a great buy. Be sure to "burp" it properly to get the air out. Also use it for a nap or if I have a headaches, great!!