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  • Michael E. Anderson "Taichichuan" - Good performance in LinuxI run Linux Mint 15 on top of this drive with on a Dell 6530 quad core w/ 8GBs of RAM. I switched to this drive because I was running a lot of virtualization and the spinning media in a laptop was just too slow. Now, my boot times are roughly 10 seconds without doing any mods to the normal Linux Mint 15 boot cycle and KVM runs like a champ. Don't get me wrong, this drive is not of the Samsung Pro or high-end Intel class as far as speed is concerned. But, there's no way you could touch this capacity in those drives without it costing double what I paid for this unit. All things considered, this is a great upgrade from a 7200 RPM spinning (hybrid HD/SSD) drive.
  • Bob Kapolnek - Worked like a charm.I contracted very large warts between my big toe and the adjacent little piggy. I'm fairly confident it happened on a cruise ship after I had abraded the skin between the toes while breaking in a new pair of leather flip flops. The largest was the size of a nickle (big toe) and the next toe had one about a quarter inch in diameter. Nasty little buggers....they swelled up and started to cause a great deal of pain.

    I started trying just about everything on the market; I used the Dr Scholl's freezing product first to no avail. I then tried freezing once a week and then applying salicylic acid every and wrapping in duct tape. It dried the wart out, and I could peel off the dead tissue, but then it would just regenerate. I started soaking it in water every night for 15 minutes, clipping off the dead skin and then applying the acid...again, no positive results. This was a royal pain in the rear as I was spending 20 minutes a day dealing with the darn things.

    This went on for 4 months. I went to the drugstore and found the Compound W freeze off product and decided to give it a try. The instructions said to apply it for 20-25 seconds at each spot. I was so frustrated with my failed attempts at removing the wart that I threw caution to the wind....(DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ADVOCATING OR RECOMMENDING THAT YOU DISREGARD THE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE PRODUCT. I AM ONLY RELATING THE MANNER IN WHICH I USED IT WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE POTENTIAL RISK!!).....I held the applicator on each area for over 60 seconds. The warts were so big that it needed 6 separate areas of treatment. It hurt. It sizzled. It turned white...and then -

    Within a few days the warts started turning dark purple/black. They were obviously drying out. The skin started to fall off on its own, and I re-applied after 2 weeks, this time for 30 seconds per spot. Within another two weeks the warts had completely disappeared.

    I should also add that after the first 60 second application of the product my toes hurt like heck for an entire week. In retrospect, it was worth the pain. Trying to rid myself of these was one of the most frustrating episodes of my life.

    Great product. I'm very satisfied with how it worked out.
  • Gail Cooke - BEAUTIFUL RUINS AUDIO REVIEWIt won't come as a surprise to anyone that I'm a huge fan of audio books. Many are so well done that it is very much like hearing a finely tuned performance. Such has been the case with actor Edoardo Ballerini and is again with his amazing narration of Beautiful Ruins in which he speaks flawless Italian and also voices "the clumsy speech of Americans with an uncertain grasp of the language." Salon deems his narration the best heard all year, so don't miss it.

    An experienced performer Ballerini has a host of awards on his mantel including an Audie Award and a handful of Earphones Awards from AudioFile Magazine. Plus, he is well remembered for his work in TV and film - The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, etc. Beautiful Ruins is sure to garner him one more award.

    This surprising, inventive, spacious tale opens in 1962 when gossip mongers are thriving on the romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the set of "Cleopatra." A blonde, beautiful American starlet, Dee Moray, who has been cast as La Liz's lady in waiting arrives at the Hotel Adequate View on the Italian coast. She, too, has been involved in a tryst or two on the movie's set and now believes she is dying of stomach cancer. Pasquale Tursi, the young proprietor of the hotel immediately falls madly in love with Dee.

    In a short while we meet a motor mouthed young publicist along with Richard Burton who is a bit in his cups. Pasquale has no idea what to think of this pair.

    Fast forward fifty years when an elderly Italian comes to the office of the publicist who has become an important producer. The Italian is seeking information about Dee who came to his hotel many years ago, and so begins a big screen story of those who have populated Hollywood during the past half century. Their stories are fascinating, lush with hopes, dreams, disappointments and humor all related with Walter's flawless eye and satirical bent. He brilliantly explores our common humanity, the joys and sorrows we share as revealed through the lives of the people in the remarkable Beautiful Ruins.

    - Gail Cooke
  • Mule Train - We are having our third child!!!I bought this shirt for my wife's birthday present. She laughed when she opened the gift. Later she put it on and she laughed no more. The power of the 3 wolf moon took over her inner being and what emerged can only be described as "animalistic." 4 weeks later and I am happy to announce that we have another child on the way. Thanks three wolf moon.
  • tjhootman - The best Civil 3D training guide there is!I'd recommend this book to anyone beginning their use with AutoCAD Civil 3D. Civil 3D can be a daunting software at first. The author gets you very comfortable with using it very quickly. The exercises are perfect for learning what you can do with the software. He is also great at explaining the civil engineering terms and concepts that relate to the Civil 3D design. I wish this was the book that was taught from when I took my Civil 3D course in college!