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  • BigStory - Quickens Legal Business Pro 2011 is great for Small Business OwnersQuicken's Legal Business Pro 2011 is jam-packed with many of the neccessary legal documents for those who are self-employed and/or small business owners. This set comes with a CD and small booklet.

    In addition to a myriad of legal documents, the CD also contains 5 Nolo books in PDF format(Starting & Running Small Business, Tax Savvy for Small Business, The Manager's Legal Handbook, How to Create a Business Plan, and Business Loans from Family & Friends).

    There's also a 'Legal Companion' handbook that gives simple advice in many areas of life such as: Changing your name, Starting a band, Writing a book, Quitting your job, Traffic tickets, etc. The advice is given out in a short, top 10 list.

    I did notice that one of the tax forms is slightly outdated(2010 instead of 2011) but overall this is a great package with so many useful documents. I've been using this for over a year and just got around to writing a review for it. There is an updated version out there, so look for that one instead.
  • Floyd Goodrich "Jim G." - High tech heavenWe had an older set of Panasonic cordless telephones but with the bombardment of nuisance calls I wanted a phone I could block them. I've had this phone for four days now and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. It has dozens of neat features and all are easy to change if wanted. Blocking calls are very easy, about three button presses and the numbers get blocked. We have programed our incoming calls into three groups, family in group 1, friends in group 2, businesses and doctors in group 3. I assigned a different tune for each one so I know what group is calling. If the call isn't from a person in those groups it makes a regular bell ring and you know chances are its a nuisance call. This phone system has it all and I mean all you could want except Blu-tooth. With the ability to block 250 nuisance calls life should be better while trying to watch TV again.
  • Bill Marsano - Simple, Convenient--and Eventually, You'll Save MoneyBy Bill Marsano. Americans spend $15 billion a year on bottled water alone and $73.9 billion on soft drinks. The cost is astronomical and so is the quantity of waste. A partial solution is offered by the Sodastream home (and bar) carbonation device. The Sodastream is a simple and effective device that carbonates tap water (or bottled water, if you prefer), resulting in seltzer water or club soda for peanuts per liter--and no waste. And you can add flavored syrups to make your own soda. Almost any flavor you can think of is offered by Sodastream: Dr. Pete and Energy Drink are Sodastream's version of Dr. Pepper and Red Bull, respectively. Crystal Lite and KoolAid are also available, along with innumerable fruit flavors. And there are other excellent syrup brands on the market, such as Amoretti and Torani. I'm interested mainly in seltzer water for my home bar and as a table water, and I find that Sodastream seltzer costs me 35 cents a liter (I kept a record of each bottle made) while the cheapest stuff at my corner store is 99 cents a liter. I use about 3 liters a week, so I expect to be ahead on the cost in two years. Using the thing is a breeze: screw the carbonator cylinder into the back of the unit. Fill the bottle provided with cold water and screw it into the front. Press the button on top three times and bingo--you've got a liter of seltzer (or soda if you add flavored syrup). When you run out of gas, simply trade in the old cylinder for a new one (you'll save a bundle). So to me this is a five-star device: it works easily and well and saves me money. Now before writing a new review (and I've posted more than 100 on Amazon) I always read other reviews of the same item. And having used my unit for three months now with no complaints, I'm more than a little surprised at some of the negative reviews I've seen. Most seem to be a little hysterical; many seem to be by people who are somehow in-capable of using this extremely simple device (one of them claims to be an engineer!). Some complain about having to trade in the empty cylinder. Frankly, I'm astonished: as with almost everything else (your car, your food, for example), you have to go get more when you run out, right? And the trade-in is simple enough, especially when it brings a steep discount. So those complaints are nonsense. Another reviewer complains that it's HARD to get more gas. OK, if you live absolutely nowhere near a Sam's Club, Costco, Williams-Sonoma, WalMart, Target, Sur la Table, Macy's, Staples, Kohl's, Sears, Shopko, Weg-man's, Office Depot, Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, J.C. Penney, P.C. Richard and almost a dozen other chains, then you might have a problem. But if not, not. My favorite complaint was from a guy who sees a dark plot in the fact that all of those retailers DO carry replacement cylinders: He says they do it to lure people into their stores! Imagine that: stocking products so customers will come and buy them! My recommendation is that you buy a Sodastream for its convenience, economy and eco-friendliness, use it with pleasure, and read the sillier reviews for their entertainment value.--Bill Marsano, an award-winning writer on wine, spirits and travel, blogs at pouredwithpleasure.com.
  • Anthony V. Piscotta - Where are the libel suits?If everything that Ms. Coulter writes is lies, vicious or worse, how is it that she's never been sued for libel? It would seem that publishers would not issue books containing such "lies" if they thought they would be held accountable.

    It sounds like some of the reviewers on here have made up their minds before even seeing the book.

    As for Ms. Coulter's temperament, yes she does tend to run on the high-octane side. Of course, with some of the constant shenanigans pulled by her targets, it would take the patience of a saint for any thinking person not to be a little angered.

    The actions of many of her frequent targets, particularly the presidential ticket, during a time when American troops are in harm's way, borders on treason.

    Ms. Coulter is accurate for calling these people to task!
  • Rebekah Gregg - Love, love, loveLove, love, love. As a young professional woman this book was like mentorship and therapy all in one sitting. I'm not alone and there are other women who have "been this way" in terms of drive and ambition since childhood as well. I love the message - support other women and it's time to toughen up and change the things we dislike. I did the EXACT thing she discussed by staying at a job I didn't love to be a mother to only have issues and it take quite awhile until that happened. You may not agree with every point, but I think it's a great book for both women AND men in business.