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Health and Wellness Foundation - Serving Humanity to educate the public and medical community that Alternative Therapies exist to prevent and treat diseases - The Health & Wellness Foundation has researched, developed and tested Light Therapies, Oxidative Medicine and other Alternative Therapies that have proven to be safe, effective, and with little to no side effects.


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  • H. Cobb - Works great!The best way to get this product is directly from Bose.com they have a finance plan & for a small down payment, you can pay it off over 6-12 months, just like you would from hsn or qvc. As for the product it is great! very easy to hook up, i connected it to my cable box, as the sound on my tv, wasnt good and this system has enhanced it 100% sounds like you are in a movie theater, since i live in an apt, i didnt need anything with a lot of bass to wake the dead.
  • Julia Wycuff - ASUS Transformer PrimeI would recommend this to anyone that wants a tablet with lots of memory. I got high rating from consumer reports.
  • Katrina Maloney "kat" - Wow, life changed!I live for pancakes, especially ones topped with bananas. I used to cut my poor banana with a fork. Yes, a fork! I had the most ragged looking banana slices ever....but not anymore, no sir! I have the best sliced banana on the block now. No one can laugh at me anymore. I would recommend this product for sure!
  • Maggie Pakulska - What can I say...I'm a sucker for Maya BanksLove this book. Has a little bit of an edgy and taboo feel to it considering the age difference between the main characters. Once you get to know both of them, the situation seems normal and expected. I love Maya Banks' books. She aims to please. I sometimes wonderful if such men really exist??? Enjoy!