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Country: Europe, DK, Denmark

  • Brendan O. Duterte - Esther CURED ME!!

    I hurt my low back in a lifting incident and spend weeks in and out of chiropractors. I was introduced to her book was imediately compelled to sign up for her class. She taught me a lot, and I basically relearned how to function on a daily basis. Her amount of knowledge and information is uncomparable. The book is easy to follow with many pictures(just the way i like books) and step-by-step instructions. Her class was easy to follow and it follows along exactly with the book. I would reccoment this book and esther's classes to anyone who is in pain, or even just wants to better their posture to avoid bad habits and injuries.

  • momabroad - GREAT!!

    My 6 year old got this for Christmas. She loves it! I love that is has an educational basis. Great tablet for children.

  • Jerry Neiman - They will soon pay for them self's

    This is the best set of phones I have ever had and I like the fact I can block 250 numbers, now I can have call blocking drop on my phone line that saves me $10 a mouth. They will soon pay for them self's and the feature that you can use them when the power goes out is grate, you have to have a handset in the base and it will work off the battery of the handset.