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  • Gary in Sun City, AZ - Create your own legal documents, highly recommended, and easy-to-use.I have been using Quicken Willmaker 2011, their older version of 2013, and love it. Have created several documents for myself and others. It's easy to work with, a step-by-step process that's easy to follow. After downloading 2013 my documents were folded into this one, making for very easy review and updating phone numbers, etc.. I didn't realize years ago that it IS LEGAL to create your own Will and legal documents. They take you step-by-step and tell you what notarizing is needed. Just do it. Then print, sign, notarize, and save. No problems. This is very helpful software to have. Highly recommended.
  • LLT - Insightul reference and a Must Read!I admire Elaine's personal perseverance and research for this book which was an eye-opener for me. A must read for anyone having digestive problems and the strong desire to heal themselves when conventional medicine does not or cannot help.
  • janine vrba - Wouldn't go anywhere with out itI've read and reread this cover to cover - I almost don't have to go to Ireland..just kidding. The book tells me just what I need to know -when to go/ how to go/ where to go/what to get and how to get ready. I think I'll have very few surprises along the way. I've planned trips before on my own and it's a lot of work. this book made it easy.
  • Kyle G - Get it for the drive inside4tb internal drive for less than what internals are going for. Watched a youtube video on how to get it apart to get the drive out,nd I did break some of the tabs. Oh well.

    Popped the drive in my case, opened it up in disk manager to delete the partitions it comes with. I then pulled my existing 2tb drive from my Storage Spaces pool (Parity Pool, so one of three drives. I had a 3tb/3tb/2tb configuration but the 2tb was getting full), popped this one in, removed old drive from the pool, added this one to the pool, and storage spaces rebuilt the data it needed and it's now only 43% full. No more storage spaces warning of low disk space on a drive for me! All my data is safe from a single drive failing. All for $30 cheaper than buying a bare internal drive.

    One extra bonus, is I now have the bottom piece of the External drive enclosure sitting here on my desk. I can pop other sata HDD's I have laying around on and off of it as needed to do data transfers and whatnot, without messing around inside my case each time.