Cymbalta effetti collaterali Cymbalta controindicazioni - Cymbalta viene usato per trattamento di grave depressione o disturbi di ansietà generalizzata. Può anche aiutare diminuire dolore associato con neuropatia diabetica e fibromialgia.

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  • Paula L. Craig - A great read no matter how urban you areI first ran into this book when I was sharing a dorm room with two young women training to be health missionaries in South America. If you plan on going to any developing country in the near future, it is a must-read. I especially like the matter-of-fact treatment in the book of abortion and family planning. Abortion is not a good thing; but having women bear children they don't want and can't support is worse.

    While the authors don't mention it, this book also has more relevance than you might think to the problems of health care in the developed countries. We're so used to high tech medicine in the U.S. that we forget medicine is subject to a very steep curve of diminishing returns. Most of the benefits of modern medicine come from the first few dollars spent on people's health; precisely what is addressed in this book. For all the billions we spend on U.S. health care, sickness and death are still with us and always will be. Spending all that money doesn't necessarily translate into better or happier lives. We would be wise to keep this in mind when we are trying to rein in our out-of-control costs in Medicare and health insurance. This book also has something to teach the citizens of developed countries on the subject of faith healers, remedies for the common cold, dietary supplements with exaggerated claims of health benefits, and the like: don't waste your money.

    The book does have some weaknesses. For example, the authors emphasize that many rural village families have many children as a way of providing for their old age. I don't see how a large family can provide old age benefits to anyone if they are all starving together on a plot of land too small to support them.

    Overall, though, a great book.
  • bargain shopper - A breath of fresh airAt last something that really works! I bought it not only for myself but for my daughter. She has bad breath problems, yet her teeth and gums are perfect. I knew it was coming from the back of the throat because you could really smell it when she whispered, so I would especially notice it Sunday mornings in church. I knew she had just brushed a half hour earlier, yet there was still odor. When she uses this, her breath is perfect! As some reviewers have stated, you're not going to use this and feel like you've used some strong, minty breath freshener. This truly cleans your throat and doesn't just mask odor.

    I find that using a capful is too much for me as it does bubble up quickly once you start gargling. Half a cap seems to be just fine for me. I have one of these in every bathroom. It is more expensive, but worth every penny. I have found it at Target for a cheaper price, but it was on clearance. I don't know if they still sell it. Amazon's price is definitely cheaper than the pharmacies I've tried.
  • grace o. rome - Prayer, Truth, KnowledgePrayer before you read, be awake as truth tends to bring one to his/her knees, knowledge brings great hope......My response to this book brings me to The Tenth Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." There is great hope in our God, our people and the Founding Fathers of our beloved country. "They Fired the First Shot" is a book of prayer, truth and knowledge. It behooves each of us to read, share and get to work. We, the people will restore our country because that is God's plan for us. God bless you Friend of Medjugorje for the courage and the trust to speak truth. We are ready for it. Grace Schnakenberg, Tucson, Arizona
  • Djenkin8 - Great Book From A Class ActThis is a great read from start to finish, full of interesting stories and details to fill in the gaps in what fans already knew. As always Lange is a class act, never indicting that scumbag Howard Stern for using Lange's addiction as show content and failing to act sooner to prevent Lange's downward spiral. Lange's cries for help were not answered by his "bro".
  • Janis Wild - Banana slicer right up there with the invention of flush toiletsI can't believe how the banana slicer has improved my life! This ranks right up there with the invention of the flush toilet.

    I've tried all manner of ways to slice bananas so they were acceptably uniform, but my attempts were always a frustrating disaster. I tried running them down the spout of the Cuisinart using the slicer blade, but always ended up with a mushy mess, useful only an ingredient for banana bread, baby food or the compost pile. Then I tried the same approach, but with the peel still on, however, it was so much work to fish out the pieces of peel with a fork or a tweezer, that I almost lost the will to live a couple of times. Next, I tried first freezing the banana and running it through the chop saw in my garage, but it was such a mess to clean the blade both both before and after, that it just wasn't worth it. Also, it was just too much effort to constantly be adjusting the degree of the blade to the shape of the banana. I finally decided to eat bananas only at restaurants -- you know, like making Chinese food: it was just too much work to tackle it at home. Leave it to the professionals.

    Then came the banana slicer!

    I had a few problems with the banana slicer at first, but their 24 hour help line was there when I needed them. One customer service rep in particular, Rosanna Banana -- swear that's her real name, was very patient and had a good sense of humor, as well. I jokingly renamed her "Santa Banana" as she was a saving grace!

    Now I can move on to mastering other brilliant new products, like the electric device I bought to tie my shoelaces.