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  • Flora "MamaG" - Beautiful calendar - I buy it every year!

    I've been buying the Sierra Wilderness Calendar for about 15 years. It never disappoints. The photographs are stunning! They are an inspiration of the natural beauty of God's creation that surrrounds us. On the practical side, the squares for the dates provide plenty of room to write important reminders, birthdays, appointments, etc.

  • Pat O'Brien - Love it

    This is the second tablet we have purchased. My wife loves the first one so much I had to get a second one so I could use it.

  • kathryn v steen - Kindle Fire HD 7

    We had another reading device. It was always a chore to sync it with the book bought. For my husbands birthday, I bought him the Kindle. He absolutely loves it. It is also nice to be able to read it in the dark - no reading lamp necessary. Another feature that we both love is the ability to change the back lighting for easier on the eyes reading. Another plus - and a big one too - is the number of books available and the cost of them. Love you Amazon!

  • R. Chevalier - This method came through FAST when I really needed it

    I overheard a conversation between my sister and my cousin's husband about a course he was taking to help his back and a book the course offered. They had no inkling that I was going through torture at night because of my back. Not sleeping but managing to get up in the morning was excruciating and too slow to allow me to make it to the bathroom fast enough. I ordered this book from Amazon that night and was totally immersed in it within two days with the resulting miracle that in two nights I was pain-free enough to get out of bed in the morning reasonably quickly... as least fast enough to reach the bathroom and by now a week later, my back does not hurt when I wake up or during the day.

    The book has such tremendous pictures and explanatory captions that I could grasp the material quickly enough even without taking the time to study the text. When your body is aching, concentrated study is too hard... besides which you have to cover everything fast because every move you make hurts in a different way. For me, bending down, sitting, standing in place: everything caused my back to hurt more... just holding the book to read was hurting my back. Through the pictures I was able to get a general sense of her whole message sufficiently to relieve the pain and now, with more time because the constant pain is gone, I am studying the text and getting a total picture and it's working!!!

    It has been a godsend for me!!!

  • Yoga and Yorkies - Still Scared

    The author came up with a very clever way to tell this story. You know from the beginning that she was kidnapped, and you know that somehow she was saved as each chapter is a session with her "shrink." And yet there is tension and suspense until the very end of the book. I was totally surprised by the ending, and yet I realized the foreshadowing was there. I was completely afraid for the heroine until the very end. Great summer read if you don't mind having your hands shake at the beach.