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  • Claudio - Excellent product; excellent instructions; excellent telephone serviceI just made my replacement tooth and am wearing it
    comfortably. The second try did it for me.
    After ordering on line, I called to request fast delivery
    because my tooth extraction was scheduled and I wanted
    to get the replacement in as soon as possible. It arrived
    three days later.
    I called again to ask about maybe having to wait a few days for
    the gum to heal before putting in the temp. I talked with Steve again.
    He was very cordial and helpful, advising a 2-3 day wait.
    Here it is now, the 4th day after extraction and I'm smiling broad.
    All in all, a great experience.
    I feel like I lucked out on the second try as it "snaps in" just
    like the literature tells me it's supposed to. After using the cold
    water on it, I used a dremmel tool to buzz off the parts that needed it.
    It is so comfortable that I feel I can sleep with it and need only remove
    it to brush my teeth. I'm glad to have the extra plastic beads because
    it will take the VA quite a while to get my permanent fix in and I'll
    probably lose, break or melt the temp I now have in. The next one will
    be a work of art!
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    -Marcus Norman
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