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  • Gerald Brown - I love this pillow

    I will admit I was very skeptical at first. The wife always wanted to get these but I didnt believe they were as good as advertised. After seeing a sales booth at a local fair finally agreed to get two. The blue and the green, and so far it is the best pillow I have ever slept on. It doesnt go flat aftrr a couple hours, I do not wake up multiple times in the night to adjust my pillow. This last week has been some of the best sleep in a long time. We fight over who gets what pillow though while the blue is good we both like the extra firmness of the green. The blue is still very good and comparable to a standard pillow. To sleep in a pillow that doesnt flatten out is amazing. Time will only tell if I am still happy in a couple months. But right now very happy with the purchase.

  • S. BENT-LETTMAN - Finally!

    I have wanted a tablet for so long and now that I have this I'm so obsessed with it. Its super easy to setup and use and its pretty similar to the Samsung Galaxy phone so having the phone for three yrs made using this a breeze. Great size and best value for the money.

  • Dash Doer "dash doer" - the truth is stranger

    This is superbly written narrative non-fiction. It draws you in like a thriller, it fascinates with facts and context, it enrages like a political work, it horrifies like Kafka and Orwell and, despite its taut and concise language (or probably because of it), it manages to tickle your Wernicke's area with controlled bursts of lyrical flourish. Highly reccomended.