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  • European Roadster - BareMinerals all the way, from someone who's shopped around

    After using BareMinerals along side other face powders, I was very pleased with the product. It has a pearly quality that makes skin luminous, the same way highlights do for hair, and it feels light and doesn't cause acne.

    It is however, a bit more than I usually spend on cosmetics. After running out of the basic foundation, I decided to buy a drug store knock-off (Neturogena, I think) to see if it would produce the same results at a reduced cost ($10). It didn't: the feel of the powder was heavier and greasier, it made my skin look a monotone flesh color that made it seem unnatural, and worst of all, lead to break outs, meaning I had more flaws to cover.

    Now I am a complete BareMinerals covert, and luckily, through Amazon, the price of this superior product is within a few bucks of the knock-off.

  • Susan Holland "DalaiMama" - Avery Products Rock!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Avery Binder. You don't even have to read this review or really know anything about it. Trust me & buy the Avery Binder on my word before it's too late.

    I've been looking at binders for years, trying to find the right one for the job. I stepped up my search last week because the binder I owned before this one didn't perform as expected. I was desperate. Praise the Lord for leading me to the Avery Binders!!!!!
    I can't say enough about Avery binders. Until now, no binder took care of my needs. Truth be told, other binders I looked at were too dull, too cheap & came w complicated directions I couldn't follow, probably because I'm a chick. One even came with instructions in Chinese ONLY, making it worse than something I could ever purchase at IKEA! If I can't follow simple instructions in English, how could anyone think I could do so in Chinese.
    In comparison, Avery binders are sturdy, built in China & can be flipped over for a totally different view; It's like having two binders in one! They come in several colors, but no black. That was OK for me because I don't like black & wanted white binder anyway. Amazon has plenty of white Avery Binder's in stock when I bought mine, but I suggest you place your order quickly or you may get stuck w a colored one.

    I was able to order the Extra Durable, Extra Large Avery Binder [ED], which was good because several Amazon buyers commented in their reviews that the standard binder runs small and is not true to size. Note that not everyone can purchase the ED instead of the standard binder. You have to qualify. I did and moved to the top of their list when I told them I was one of the many single moms collectively responsible for all the violence, gangs, guns and unrest in this country. My ED Binder arrived today. It took me a very long time to get through all the excess packaging and fluff protecting it, but when I finally saw my new all white ED Binder, I was speechless and couldn't wait to write this review. Although there are some problems with the company, bottom line is that I was not the least bit disappointed with my new Avery Binder. I wanted a bigger binder--the ED was; I wanted white binder--my new ED was pure white; I wanted a durable binder--the ED is so strong I don't think I'll ever get out again.

    If I'm completely honest, this Binder isn't perfect and there are some CONS, but there are CONS with every binder. The biggest con for most people will be the price-- if you want an ED binder, be prepared to pay for it as the cost is way higher than other binders. I had to borrow money for my Avery binder, which delayed my purchase. BUYER BEWARE, THIS COMPANY DOESN'T LIKE BUYERS WHO HAVE TO BORROW MONEY FOR ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.but it didn't really matter WHAT their policies were. It's in the fine print. I missed it, my ten year old could see it. Bottom line again for me was that the other binders suck, and I wanted this ED Avery binder so badly I would have done just about anything to get it and become a member of ED Binder's elite club.

    I called the company to see if I could they'd hold my purchase while I borrow the money. I was first told "no, if you can't afford it, you can't have it." But after being on hold w very bad music for 53 minutes, the Supervisor said they'd make a one time exception to their policy--though she couldn't really tell me what that was--and even though I was an immigrant AND a single mom who's never been married (a double whammy found when they did a credit check) they'd put a short hold on the ED Binder, and allow me to purchase it only because I went to college, I was healthy with no preexisting medical conditions, I had no criminal record, I'm kind to my mother, I never hurt an animal of any kind and I didn't even have so much as a parking ticket issued to me. I was the perfect buyer but for the fact that I'm a single mother. There was an add on to my purchase--I had to agree, at the company's insistence, to let them take a picture of me and my Chinese daughter & a puppy they'll provide, posing w the soon to be President of the company, I guess they're aiming for a certain image, Maybe they're trying to pretend they're something they're not. Maybe they want folks to think that he is my husband & the biological father of my child, Whatever, it makes no sense - I'm white, he's white & my daughter has beautiful brown skin. Regardless, the company's motives don't matter to me. A photo op's a photo op. Everyone knows they're all staged anyway.

    Now that I actually own an ED Avery Binder (2 day delivery w Amazon Prime), I can say it's worth every penny you'll spend on it. I think that only about 1% of all shoppers will be able to afford this product, but who cares about the other 99% as long as I have what I want. I will mention that the customer care reps do NOT care and can NOT relate to people. I called w a few valid questions, however, the rep was rude, cut me off more than once and never really answered my questions, I think, because he does not know the answers himself. Also, he wasn't able to tell me if I'd be taxed and, if so, how much.

    In closing, I'm happy that once they put me in my new ED Avery Binder, I won't be able to get out, because that means there'll be one less single mom out there, f'ing up the country.

    Oh yeah, one last thing, It wasn't important to me, maybe it will be to the buyers who read my review. As I was unwrapping my new Avery ED Binder, I caught a strong whiff of a putrid smell. It was much worse than the smell of any other binder I've looked at over the years. I was hoping the dog farted or the smell was coming from the packaging, not the binder itself. Plastic can release an odd smell in some products. However, when I opened up my new binder, I found that it was full of sh*t. Get this, these guys didn't even charge me for the crap.

    I can attest that Avery ED binders are unbelievable. I would buy another one if I could afford it. Maybe they'll give me a 47% discount for writing this review.

    [I do not work for the Avery company]