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  • MidwestMom - Excellant during nursing school too!I am in a BSN nursing program and have not yet taken the NCLEX, and in fact will not be taking it for another 4 semesters. But what I can say about this book, is that it helps you while you are in school too. During my 1st and 2nd semester of nursing this book helped me the following ways:

    * I read through all of the material that talks about test taking strategies, I think this has really helped me a lot taking tests in my classes that use "NCLEX style questions", such as "multiple-multiples", etc.

    * Most of your nursing instructors will test with NCLEX style questions, so this book serves as a resource to see what types of questions you may be asked in a particular subject area.

    * This book can also serve as a refresher for you along the way.

    * Love the CD-ROM too!

    All in all, a really great book that I am glad to have while in nursing school, and should help me when I make it to the NCLEX test!
  • Richard A. Lasaracina - Great Book- Great Diet!My doctor asked me to read this book and to understand the concept. I started the diet and I'm progressing. To early to tell, but I'm hopeful.
  • Laura Nemeth - Simple to useI bought this camera because I wanted a mix between a bulky digital SLR camera and a point and shoot. It is the perfect fit for me. I am a novice photographer and this camera has been very user friendly. I choose it after watching many youtube videos on different cameras. I really wanted to play with it before purchasing, but there are no stores where I live that carry cameras like this. I am very happy with my purchase. The touch screen to capture is a really fun feature. The auto focus works really well too. Before buying I did talk to a guy who had the camera, his only advice was that in bright sunlight the screen is very difficult to see. Because of this I did buy the electronic view finder. I have found it somewhat useful so far, but have not been with the camera in too bright of sun yet. I like that the viewfinder does not take the place of an external flash, since the camera has a built in flash.
  • MKBHD - Great ICS Tablet; Incredible hardware Length:: 6:19 Mins

    This tablet has been nothing but awesome to me so far. GPS "issues" were fixed with the latest firmware update and WiFi signal strength has been average, which is acceptable. Everything about the tablet is built great. I have no regrets with my purchase!