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  • George Takei - Iran, Iran so far awayBrad and I figured it would be poetic justice to tuck one of these babies, along with a DVD of hard core gay porn, inside a gift basket sent to our favorite Iranian madman, ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during his last rant-filled visit to the UN. Just a small token of our esteem and thanks, you understand, for torturing and hanging those two gay teens.

    When he saw from whom the basket was sent, he eschewed his normal practice of forcing captive American hitchhikers to detonate/taste everything first. We knew, you see, that Ahmandinejoke is a HUGE Trekkie and has a "very serious thing" for Marina Sirtis. (He follows her religiously on Twitter and sent her long couplets in Farsi, which reputedly rivaled the odes to Sly Stallone by the Glorious but at-last-confirmed-as-dead North Korean Leader Kim Jung Il.)

    Ahmadinejihad must not have noticed the ore and the porn among the tins of macadamias and specialty darjeeling teas. It was reportedly more than a bit awkward when his bags went through security at JFK. Owned!

    In fact, my sources tell me the discovery triggered renewed calls for nuclear inspections, a strategic airstrike by the Israelis (which they now deny), and a surprising state visit and sleepover invitation by President Putin of Russia.
  • Jennifer L. Barker - Book Review: RadicalA few months ago the Lord told me that He wanted me to read through the Old Testament prophets. At first I thought that it was a crazy idea!! Those are difficult books to understand! (So disrespectful, I know.) But, like He always does, He kept talking to me about it and I finally gave in. Sometimes the things you fight the most are the ones you get the most blessings out of. So it is with the prophets. I'm taking it slowly, just one chapter a day. I want to be able to absorb what I'm reading.

    There seems to be one theme that is woven through these books: taking care of the poor. God makes it very clear; He hates it when the poor are neglected. In fact, this is one of the reasons He judged Israel. If I didn't know any better, I would say that God does have favorites and they are the poor people.

    Where does that leave us as Christians? This is where the book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream comes in. When I began reading this book, the information in it was like icing on the cake after all I'd read in the prophets.

    David Platt does not pull any punches when it comes to interpreting what it truly means to follow Jesus. It's not an easy thing. You know, just say a prayer and you're good to go. Do we need to acknowledge Him as Savior and Lord and confess Him with our mouth? Yes. But, if we are to truly understand what it means to be a Christian, we need to read what He said to His disciples about denying ourselves and turning our backs on the wealth of the world.

    It is so easy to be just like the rich young ruler that didn't want to sell what he had and give the funds to the poor. We may not have as much as someone else or even as much as the ruler in the story, but we are rich. We have enough to buy luxurious items, even if they are small. What does Jesus ask of us? He asks that we sacrifice our desires to give to those who are in need.

    I like what Platt states in that there is nothing inherently wrong with having wealth. There is nothing wrong with living in this land of plenty that we are so privileged to live in. The question is this: what are we doing with the excess money we make that is not needed for food, clothing, and shelter? Are we spending it on our wants or on what is important to Christ: the poor?

    This is what it means to be radical in our faith. If the desires of Christ's heart is important to you, then take the time to read Platt's book. It will change your thinking and your life.

    "Dr. David Platt is the pastor of the Church at Brook Hills, a four-thousand-member congregation in Birmingham, Alabama, comprised of world-impacting disciples who really believe that as a church they can shake the nations for God's glory...David has earned two undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia and three advanced degrees, including a doctor of philosophy from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to coming to Brook Hills, he served the seminary as dean of chapel and assistant professor of expository preaching and apologetics and was on staff at Edgewater Baptist Church in New Orleans."[1]

  • Nancy Mann - Bare Minerals is the Best Mineral MakeupI have used Bare Minerals since it hit the market and it is by far the best mineral makeup on the market.
    I have tried several other mineral makeups only to be disappointed. If I had tried them first I probably would not be using mineral makeup.

    It does take a little practice when you first start using the mineral makeup, but it is worth the time spent practicing in the beginning. It takes much less makeup and that was hard to get used to. I didnt "feel" it on my skin like I did with the liquid and that was hard to get used too also. (I didnt feel made up) I learned to trust what I saw instead of what I felt and got used to the fact that it takes a lot less time to apply it than liquid.

    With Bare Minerals it goes on silky smooth and covers beautifully, looks natural, and it does not rub off onto your clothing! It goes on so quick I can do my makeup in a fraction of the time it took when I used liquid makeup. Plus when you look in the mirror it just looks like I have good skin instead of seeing the makeup on my skin.

    The new sifter bottle case it great. The minerals are so fine it is hard to keep from spilling using the older bottles.
  • Alex Fagan - Coldplay deliversThe cinematography is absolutely beautiful, shots so well framed that they are literally moving pictures. The black and white scenes interlaced with shooting colors reflect the overall feel of Mylo Xyloto. Chris Martin states the inspiration for the album came from the image of a red rose shooting up from the concrete and it is clearly reflected in their performances. Coldplay is not simply a band but a collection of real artists. The interviews in between songs give insight and make the members real and human. Any fans of U2's Rattle and Hum will instantly spot the influences it had on the creation of Live 2012. This is an absolute must own for any fan of Coldplay and fan of great concerts. I will be watching it over and over again. Well worth the $25. And it comes with the live CD! A great bonus and added value!