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  • Dee976 - Bowflex SelectTech Stand will give you a hell of a fight. BRING ICE.Be prepared for the most annoying, frustrating, complicated hour+ of your life. More complex then the solar system, this stand will arrive in pieces. Accompanied with instructions that not even God herself could understand. The only thing that kept me from reaching astronomical anger levels was the fact I received the stand for FREE. I have been in workout/diet mode since July, and finally decided to invest in some weights. I had remembered those tempting Bowflex infomercial's, and decided to YouTube some Bowflex dumbbell videos. Well, after about 30min of watching, I felt I really wanted a pair for my living room.

    I visited the Bowflex website and decided on the 1090 model dumbbells.

    As I was about to go to checkout I noticed at the top of the website a "one day only" promotion the site was having.

    With the purchase of the 1090 model (ONLY) you could get the Bowflex SelectTech stand FREE, + FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING within the USA with the promotional code at checkout.

    Needless to say I was very happy. I was planning on getting the stand anyway, so getting it free was great. And getting it all shipped to me free was even better. I pulled the trigger, my order went through.

    From the time I placed my order, to the time everything arrived was about a week and a half. Bowflex uses FedEx so you can track it daily and know exactly when to expect the delivery.

    Ok, so.. The dumbbells obviously come out ready to use. (BEAUTIFUL DUMBBELLS BY THE WAY).

    However, the stand comes completely disassembled. Let me save you a whole lot of frustration.

    Take the time to unwrap every piece and lay it on the floor. Even the screws.


    At first glance your eye will tell you there are only 2 size screws. This is because who ever packaged these screws didn't care to make it easy on the buyer by separating the screws. Take the time to put the screws in size order. And separate them.

    Screw size from largest to smallest:

    ========== 8 screws this size.

    ======== 4 screws this size.

    ====== 4 screws this size.

    == 4 screws this size.

    Ok for Step 1 and 2 on the assembly steps you will be using the 8 longest screws (along with 1 washer for EACH SIDE of the screw). I was confused by this at first, because the longest screws seemed to be to BIG for these steps (Steps 1 and 2).

    Little did I know that you have to really really REALLY turn the screws tight.

    NOTE: After you assemble Step 1 and 2 do not tighten the screws tight yet. Just get them on there by tightening the screws as tight as you can with just your fingers right now. Everything is going to feel very wobbly at this point.. I know, confusing, but you don't fully tighten them all until you complete step 3.

    For step 3 you will be using the 4 second-to-last smallest screws. Meaning there will still be 4 screws left that are bigger then the ones you will be using for this step.

    Once you have assembled step 3, NOW TIGHTEN EVERY SCREW YOU HAVE USED.

    This took me at least 40min+.

    I know, your thinking - but you only used 12 screws so far!

    Like I said, The screws will all feel to BIG. You are going to have to hand tighten all 12 screws with a allen key and vise grip until each screw it TIGHT and no screw wobbles.

    This is going to hurt your hand after about 20min. I suggest putting on some good music and expecting to hurt yourself.

    Ok now that you have tightened those 12 screws. You feel incredible.

    Not so fast...

    Now you have to beat the next level. And if your hands didn't start to hurt yet, they will now.

    Step 4 and 5 you will be using the last 4 long screws you have left (LEAVING ONLY THE VERY LITTLE SCREWS LEFT).

    This step is for the dumbbell platforms.

    Get them on first.

    Meaning put all 4 screws in and then start tightening each one.

    This took me about 20min.

    Remember each screw must be tight. If you can wobble the screw, or move it in any way, you haven't tightened it enough.

    Ok, now you have gotten to the last level. This is the King Koopa of the assembly.

    Step 6 you are installing the towel bar.

    Say sorry to your knuckles. Your fingers are also going to get a beating.

    You will be using the last 4 sets of screws for this step. The smallest screws.

    NOTE: I thought I had lost 4 washers. I spent 10min like a terd looking on the floor, and under the couch for 4 missing washers. Then realized that I had used 2 washers for each screw in this step (Step 6) when I only was supposed to use 1 washer for each screw. Step 6 is the only step you will be using 1 washer per screw. All other steps use 2 washers per screw.

    After 20min+ of tightening the 4 screws in step 6 (until nothing moved), I went to the bathroom and ran freezing cold water and left my hands in there for 3-4min.. I'm not kidding my hands were beat up bad.

    After taking a little brake to get the feeling back in my hands, I finished up step 7, attaching the straps to the platforms. Which was easy and took about 15sec per strap.

    And finally, the final step... Using the caster wheels? Or foot pegs?

    I have heard some people say to go with the foot pegs. Because they are going to leave it in 1 spot so why put wheels on.

    However I went with the caster wheels. Only because I own the 1090 model, and if I wanted to move the equipment for any reason I would need to take off the dumbbells, and move all 3 pieces by hand.

    With the caster wheels its easy to just roll them around. Like if you need to clean your home and need to move them for a min or something.

    Plus, all 4 wheels lock.

    Either way the stand comes with both options, and are easy to install/uninstall. Only takes about 4min. (NO PAIN) lol

    So there you have it. Assembly complete.

    Let me tell you, my hands are telling me to leave 1 star on this review, and throw the thing into a river.

    But once you place your Bowflex dumbbells on this stand.. WOW.. This is suchhhhhhhhhhhhh a beautiful piece of equipment..

    I mean, it even looks great in my living room. No need to put it away when I have company. I get complements on the dumbbells and stand all the time.

    Not to mention I get a GREATTT workout every day.

    Sure assembling the stand almost broke your hands, but its the closest thing a male will ever feel to giving birth. The pain and suffering was WELL WORTH it. This stand is just as nice as the dumbbells, they complement each other perfectly.

    So in the end I'm giving this stand 5 stars only because once its completely assembled (properly) you will LOVE this thing. Its beautiful!

    Like I said, I got mine for free, but I would buy this stand in a second.

    Hope this review helps you with your purchase!