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  • Hugh McHugh - A Foreboding

    Looking by chance in at the open refrigerator,
    I saw my Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, seated on a chair.
    With furrowed forehead, gaze abstracted, unkempt hair.

    I thought that I had suddenly come to die,
    And to a cold jug this was my farewell,
    Until the pen moved slowly on the paper, and a tear fell.

    You had written a name: yours.
    One word on which bemusedly to pour.
    No protest, no desire -
    Your naked name, nothing more.

    Would it be tomorrow? would it be next year?
    The vision was not false, this much I knew,
    And I turned angrily from the fridge, aghast at you.

    Why never a warning, other than by speech or look,
    That the milk you cruelly gave me would not last?
    But already it was too late;
    The bait swallowed,
    The hook fast.

  • Tiffany Jill - The new way I'll be starting my day.

    So, with a book of this nature it's hard to write a review right after purchasing simply because it's meant to be a journey you take over the course of a full year. However, I wanted to put something up as a guide for others thinking of buying. First, off I purchased this on my Kindle, and I tried to preview it... note to whoever handles that aspect of things, the chapter lists is so long that there's no real preview. I bought it anyway because I've always loved hearing Demi speak; she's eloquent and intelligent and has a genuine passion for wanting to help others by sharing her own hardships. I love that honesty. Also, as someone that is sort of a natural pessimist, dealing with some debilitating medical issues, I need daily reminders to focus on the positive. From reading the introduction and today's inspiration I can say I'm glad I bought it and I believe it will help me greatly in the coming year.