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  • TerrellinTexas - THERE IS STILL A WAY OUT

    Incredible book. Thrilling read. The author went to great lengths to logically and systematically expose what the enemies of the United States have been up to and why. You will be heartsick when you realize how hopeless the situation has become. But thanks be to God, there is still something men of good will can do to rescue this nation from certain disaster. Again the author takes you by the hand and shows you the way out. I now have even greater respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers. They were brilliant and courageous. I also want to thank the author of this book for all his efforts to put Truth before us. He, too, is courageous. If anyone speaks negatively about this book, he is on the side of evil.

  • Ashley Lang - Love it!

    I am a physician assistant student and this little book is quite handy to have around. I love that everything is alphabetized so that you don't even have to look up where a drug is in the index if you don't want to. So far it has has about 95% of the drugs I try to look up. It includes indications, adult and pediatric doses, contraindications, black box warnings, and even side effects. This has helped me out tremendously during my didactic studies and I am sure it will be even more helpful once I start clinicals in a few weeks.

  • Mark J. Stenson - Excellent customer service

    I recently upgraded my computer and was having problems "De-Authorizing" and "Re-Authorizing" my software from old computer to the new computer.

    Your customer service agent really helped work out the bugs and now I am up and running again. you plan on making any version of notation software available for the Android platform? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and would really like the ability to work on the road.


  • Venkatesh - Awesome SMART TV Features

    This is the first time I bought a HDTV with SMART TV features and I found it so much easy to setup SMART and picture quality and sound system is fantastic.
    I have not had any experience with any other SMART TV before, So it may not be a great SMART TV compared to others on the market. To me, This is what I expected and I find it incredible and easy to use.

    SMART TV, Internet browser, Apps
    HD is fantastic
    Sound and Picture quality
    Light weight

    No AMAZON Instant Video, Facebook app

  • ssteachpa - Great for hikers who get blisters

    A hiking website recommended these socks for hikers who get blisters. I figured I'd give them a try and I love them. I wear them under a pair of thicker hiking socks and have greatly reduced the number of blisters I get on my little toes and heels. I even wear them if I'm wearing work boots doing yard work or other activities where I'm afraid I'll get blisters. They wick away moisture, so my feet stay dry even with two pairs of socks. They've been machine washed and dried multiple times and are holding up really well.