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  • jassie - I can't live without itI have curly hair and its tends to behave bad at most times until I started using this product. I stopped spending money on any other conditioner. I use this product every day and cant live without it. I would like it to smell like coconut (favorite frangrance) but the lemon grass smells good and clean. I use this together with the no-poo shampoo and daily deep conditoner by the same company. the product does cost a pretty penny but I think its worth the spurge. I save up and purchse it through amazon as its much cheaper than in the salon.
  • Juan - Installed it in three different PCsPCs speed is still pretty good.

    It is protected all around.

    next time I will get the version for tablets too.
  • mcjones - Great for Frizz!I have been using this product for over a year now. I have thick, coarse, curly/wavy, very frizzy hair. I tried every product out there and nothing worked until my hair dresser introduced me to Deva Curl. I use it with the Deva Curl shampoo and have no more frizz! I can actually wear my hair down, even in the summer. I swear by this stuff!
  • Amber Sayle - Great Chair for Home and TravelThis is a wonderful chair. I've used it with my daughter since she was about four months old and we take it with us when we travel, when we visit friends, when we go out to eat, etc. I also did a bunch of research on chairs before buying and was looking at the P&T metoo, the P&T Lobster, and a Chico chair. This one had the perfect balance of small size, portability (complete with a handy little pocket in the back that you can store her food packages and spoon in, or toys), and style. I'd recommend it above the other three.

    1. Very portable and easy to use.
    2. It has rubber covers on the "armrest" and the under clamp. Also the way in which the underclamps are designed, this chair will work with a bunch of different table designs -- from the flat tables to the tables with the little "lips."
    3. It has fit well for our daughter from 4 months to today (8 months). The depth of the seat seems to be just perfect for us. The P&T Lobster was way too deep and our daughter was swimming in the chair at 8 months.

    1. It doesn't have a tray. We aren't quite to the eating/playing with food stage but getting close. For now I'm using a tinydiner mat, but that's probably not going to work and I foresee some messy meals. By the same coin, I know the P&T Lobster tray doesn't work well, having ordered and returned it. The tray slides in and out very easily and has little depth.
    2. The cloth looks nice, but isn't as easy to clean as something like the Chicco chair probably would be. Still, I prefer the look of the cloth.
    3. This may just be my computer and eyesight, but be careful when you order that you are actually ordering the color you want! The first time I ordered, I chose Eucalypto, thinking it was black when really it's a dark green. The Liquirizia looked dark purple to me, but it's really black.

    In sum, the pros highly outweighed the cons for me at least. This is a really great and useful chair. I get compliments almost every time we go out to eat. It's so nice to take up so little space in a restaurant and have our daughter right next to us (we often place her on the inside of a booth). It's also great at home and we use it for feeding her but also for a hangout spot for her when we're in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up.