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  • william - If you want an honest opinion, keep reading.

    (I posted this review on the other kit, thought it would be relevant here too) I'm 30, a dude, and have been fighting with my skin since i was about 14. I've gone through cheapo in store products (too many to name) and some of the more expensive products: Murad, clinique, etc. No matter what i always had blackheads, a few random pimples, and about 1 to 2 times a month i would get a lovely breakout. my skin wasnt THAT bad but i always always always had problems. I found Exposed by accident. I went online looking for alternative ways to get my skin to stop screwing with me and i got a link for the exposed "lifestyle tips" page. That led me to looking into the actual product. I skeptically pulled the trigger and got the uber kit with all the goodies. First week was not that rough, i got a few new pimples but i noticed my blackheads were getting a little smaller. Most skin care programs will warn you that it usually gets worse before it gets better. It got better. Weeks 2 and 3 showed steady improvement, few new minor pimples and my skin started looking healthier. I'm on the middle of week 4 and my skin looks better than it has in longer than i can remember. I KNOW my skin is healthier too. I used to get up early so i could give my face time to calm down before i went to work. Even washing it gently with my hands would leave it red, patchy, and swollen. Lotion was also a daily requirement. Definitely not the case now, i scrub and scrub and no irritation. I also know it's healthier cause of the comments i get at work. People complain about the tonic. It DOES hurt at first. get over it, your skin is jacked up. I started using it once every other day there was certainly a little discomfort. Now i use it 1 to 2 times a day and there is absolutely no discomfort. Actually, all of the products in this kit have a much shorter and extreme "getting used to" period than other stuff i have tried. I recommend geting the kit with everything on your first buy. Some stuff works better for certain people. I live with my sister and we both use the products a little differently. Try them all and then you can re-buy the ones you really like. Lastly, i like that this program addresses scarring. I've definitely got a few red marks from all the years of torment and like exposed claims, the marks are fading.

    I looked at the other reviews, definitely a few fakes, it's kind of off putting but whatever. If you leave a comment i'll try to respond. I know how awful it is to worry about your skin all the time and if my input can help another exhausted acne victim i will be glad to give it. No skin care program works for everyone, just make sure give whatever you try a fair chance. Nothing is going to happen overnight. I strongly recommend giving Exposed a chance.

    PS, wash your pillow cases... a lot. people always forget to do that.

  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, - My husband has a vagina now!

    So I bought these pens because as a woman I am naturally attracted to bright shiny things and items that say "for her" on the package. I accidentally left one out on the kitchen counter (because that's the only room in the house I'm comfortable in) and my husband took it to write down man things. Well after only 2 days of him using my pen We were shocked to find that his man parts were gone and he now has a vagina in it's place! He is showing some very odd symptoms like, he wants to go antiquing, panics when we are out of cappuccino and has started painting the exterior of the house pink! Our doctor has insisted he stop using the pen but my husband insists on using it to write his memoir on shiny sparkle paper with unicorn trim. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • M. Jones - Possibly the greatest work of 20th century literature

    I am speechless. Never have I read a book from cover to cover half a dozen times and still been fascinated with the beautiful imagery and surprising plot twists. CAUTION!!! SPOILER: Who actually believed 70253212 was going to show up at the ending? This book has inspired me to become a writer, although I dare not think I shall ever come as close to perfection as the author.

  • Darkknight1951 - Sunbeam's XpressHeat Heating Pad

    I have ongoing joint and muscle aches as I've gotten older. I was looking for a soft, flexible heating pad that was large enough to cover my back yet soft enough to wrap elbows and knees. This pad has excellent controls with a wide range of settings. I've yet to need higher than a 3 on the heat setting, and it has the added feature of manually turning off its default timer for extended use. Soft, flexible, and washable, without a slip case that keeps coming off in other models. I bought one, then went on to buy 3 more for family members. I am well satisfied.