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A Medical The Asta Cath Female Catheter Guide The Astacath Female Catheter Guide Each Sku10001 - A+ Medical The ASTA CATH Female Catheter Guide The ASTA-CATH Female Catheter Guide: 10001 For women who perform self-catheterization. Simple device increases success rate, decreases teaching time, and promotes independence. Curved handle for users wi


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  • M. E Flanagan-Paull "molly123marshall" - Finally, some relief for my armI recently broke my arm and had surgery. After 2 weeks of wearing a cast, protocol is rehab with a removable cast, which is painful. Heat has provided relief and improved my motion ability. I was reluctant to spend so much money on a heating pad, but I'm so glad that I did. This pad is incredibly soft and warm. It heats up quickly and it's easy to control. I'm so happy with my purchase.
  • BelNus - Breaking the Vicious CycleWe got this book from the library along with several other books on the subject. The other books were slicker, more professional looking, so we left this one for last to look through. It reviewed several medical problems that did not concern us, but when we got to the general description of how the digestive process works and what can go wrong with simple what to do about it suggestions and recipes - well, then we found we could not do without this book and had to buy it. We use is regularly now. By the way, we too are more regular.