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  • Lisa Garcia - Best Read Since Moby Dick!!!!In my lowly opinion, this was just as good if not better than Moby Dick! A sympathetic, innocent barge, a vengeful submarine with a dent in it's side, and then there's the frightening, enigmatic HUGE SHIP that patrols the wide open seas with an imagined/or unimagined bent on sinking on all other ships in the sea. Some of the sea and ship jargon was difficult for me to understand but it didn't stop me from enjoying the underlying classic themes of class warfare, good versus evil, the existence of God and what's our place in the universe. A greater story has not been told!
  • Adrienne M Walker - Great price...GGreat product, one a day so this product lasts for three months. Cheaper than buying at a drug store. Can't compare to other probiotics because this is the only kind I have ever taken.
  • Debby - Awsome productThis product really does what it says! I feel full and energyzed after I drink it (for like 3 hours). However, it tastes horrible, it is like the taste of raw beans, but after a while it gets better though. I got used to it.
    It really detoxifies my body and it is helping me to lose weight.
  • E. cohen "optional" - Underrated MasterpieceCritics and audiences are hailing the restoration of this now cult-classic. The stream of consciousness writing style that Dr. Rand pioneered in this daring work was soon picked up by Jack Kerouac and other writers of the beat generation. One can't help but visualize the thick haze of cigarette smoke and booze as Rand would read aloud his digits to a mesmerizing bongo drum beat while cool chicks prance so sleak. So hip, 45635, yeah, 34534, 76567, that's it.
  • D. Lawful "sam_6" - Best Performance Upgrade I Could Have DoneReplaced the hard drive in my mid 2010 13 inch MacBook Pro. The Crucial website has great instructions on how to initialize the drive and how to clone it using only the Mac disk utility. Cut the startup (power on to login screen) time from 78 seconds to around 49 seconds. Applications launch noticeably faster. The mid 2010 MBPs only have SATA 2 so I can attest to the drive being backwards compatible but I certainly not going to get the full performance of the drive because of this limitation. I am very pleased with this upgrade and believe it extended the life of my computer.