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  • Father's Bride - Eye- opening informationThis book was very enlightening. It was quite technical in spots, and required concentration, as it was written in a highly detailed and facts-driven mode. But well worth the time. It all makes sense...but it was kind of scary to have the reality hit home. Anyone who is interested in the future of our planet, and how to be prepared for what is to come should definitely read this.
  • WJK "WJ Kenn" - SURPRISE! This also Dry Eye ReliefI have used this (5% only) about two months. My Dr told me it would take 4 months for this to show results, I have yet to see hair growth...BUT...
    I never forget to put it on two times a day. Why? I have an extreme case of DRY EYE with eye pain. The first time I used it, within seconds, my eyes felt a little bit better. I thought it was my imagination..however....each time I use it my eyes are better. I now have a marked reduction in the eye pain and friends say my eyes are open wider. I also use Restasis and other eye drops but they didn't help in a real relief and the combination of these products have made a big difference in my life of eye pain. If you have a similar problem, it is worth a try. (It is important to know harmons play a part, the estrogen patch is a big plus with this treatment versus the Premarin by mouth)
  • Samuel L. Flateau - Norton Internet SecurityReceivedReceived item within committed time boundaries. Installed item without problems until computed turn off step. Computer rebooted on installation CD which caused some concern. Contacted Symantec and they corrected abnormal response following computed turn off by simply removing the installation CD. Installation on a second computer went off without a hitch.
  • April D. Graber "Seeker of the Truth" - Great Truth!This book gave me the power to see why I constantly am in dysfunctional relationships where people treat me as worthless and why I tolerate it AND continue to make the same mistakes. This book I could not put down because it explained me for the first time in my life. there is empowerment in knowing the truth so you can be set free. If we never know or understand we stay in bondage and the same old cycle and patterns of life. I am confident with what I have learned about me that I will be able to move forward, receive healing and change and maybe finally be whole and healthy in my life and relationships and choices. Great Book!
  • Shanna Martin - Going into my 3rd weekI really like the Visalus so far. I have lost 7 lbs but I also workout 3 to 4x a week. These shakes really help and keep you full for a long time. This order was my 3rd bag because I dont want to run out, I think I will stick with it for the 90 days.
    I mix my shake with unsweetened almond milk and water and I have them 2x a day.