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  • StraightRight - Rosacea sufferers be warned

    Product might just be best in breed but I can't use it because i'm reacting badly to one or more of the ingredients in it. I have Rosacea, including occular rosacea in my right eye which really sucks when it flare up. I can keep it to near zero symptoms as long as I watch my diet (google Rosacea and diet if you have it) but if I eat badly for a few days I can suffer.

    I've been drinking this product off and on for two weeks with no other changes to my diet and i've been flaring up. I drank two shakes this weekend and woke up Monday morning with a near epic flare up. I'm not sure what ingredient in this RAW meal is causing this but this is a heads up to people who suffer from the same symptoms as I do. I was making the shakes with half coconut milk and half almond milk, neither of which make me react.

    Still giving it 5 stars because it's a high quality product and the taste is not bad. You're way better off drinking this than whey.

  • C. Borchert - Coping With Colitis

    I have had UC for 7 years. I was on high doses of Prednisone for 4 years before I found this diet. Doctors were suggesting surgery. I stayed on the diet for 4-5 months before I started cheating a little. I am proud to say that the past 7 months have been pred free.