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  • Shabercom - Bad reviews from people who don't read terms.This company/Product has been receiving a lot of bad reviews from people saying their debit card was charged without their permission. It states clearly underneath the charged price of ($4.99) that after 18 days their card will automatically be charged $69.99 for a months supply. The people that are rating this product one star clearly do not read the small print, as they should be reading it of any product bought online and offline.

    That being said, as for the actual product, it is high priced for what you get. As it is your basic Test Booster, it does increase energy, intensity, and sex drive. For a bloke my age I do not need any higher increased sex drive, for I will never go to work. So I do not recommend this product for people under the age of 30. It has by far the highest libido booster of any of the Test Boosters I have taken in the past. So if you are using it for that purpose, it was awesome for it's money

    If like me, you are using Test Boosters to increase muscle mass and strength, this isn't the one for you. There are far better Test Boosters on the market for 2/3 of the cost. And without it turning you into a rabbit on ecstasy. It's muscle building results are far inferior to some of the top selling Test Boosters on the market, but simply for the fact it turns you into a walking boner (pardon my lack of terminology), I gave it 5 stars.
  • serendipity - Life changing productBought this for my 82 year old dad from a local warehouse store after reading the helpful reviews on Amazon. He has suffered from a crazy combination of GI problems including constipation, diarrhea, gas, distended stomach, frequent bowel movements, stomach aches, dark stool, incomplete emptying and on and on.

    After 1 week of using Align, his bowel movements and general GI health have returned to a state last experienced 2 or 3 decades ago. I wouldn't believe it except it is happening to my dad. Now with his bowel movements healthy, he feels more invigorated and energetic. I hear him on the phone raving to relatives about how this pill has changed his life.

    My recommendation for anyone with GI problems is to give it a try. It may change your life, or it may not work at all - but then at least you can rule it out. It's worth the try because the upside is so great. Those many reviews on amazon of people whose lives were changed by this product is what got me running to the store and buying this product for him. I would start with a starter pack (14-days) which shouldn't cost you more than $10 - $14 bucks.

    At this point, I don't know if he can stop taking Align and still maintain his GI health, but seeing how much good it is doing for him, I am more than happy to purchase him this product for the rest of his life if need be.
  • Felix Elias "- Felix Elias" - Haven't had a single issue so farSo far it's been an amazing experience. The console in overall feels very smooth. Is fast and loading times have been severely cut down. Games look amazing too! Played so far Killzone, flower and COD Ghost. Vita and mobile integration works flawlessly.

    - Fast and reliable
    - Sharing capabilities are great if you enjoy connecting your facebook account
    - Console looks neat
    - Easy to link to your vita and mobile
    - Sharing capabilities works great
    - Easy to change the hdd if you want to (Have plans of doing it soon)
    - Music Unlimited Integration is great
    - Warranty is considerably cheap
    - The new dualshock 4 feels amazing
    - 500GB will go away really fast with installation sizes, consider changing the internal hdd as soon as you can.
    - You need a PS Plus Account (Not a real issue for me since I was plus already)
    - Installation sizes are huge
    - Needs a way to edit videos before uploading
    - The console is missing youtube uploads

    In overall, a great step into gaming industry. Totally worth buying. To all of those leaving a 1 Star rating, hope you get your console fixed soon, it truly is a great console and you deserve to enjoy what you paid for.
  • Lindsey - Love this product!I tried everything before I found exposed skin care. I have really oily skin and thought I would never find anything that would work. I finally did! When I started using this product I noticed a big difference in 2-3 weeks. I will never use anything else again. I've been using this product for 9 years now! I recommend this product to everyone!

    Lindsey from Orlando