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  • Harwa Frank - Anti-infective bibleDon't prescribe your next antibiotic without this! I love Sanford, discovered it in school. Will protect you in a court of law every day. Has great guides and rationales for when certain products are indicated. Includes the latest IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) guidelines and recommendations also. Medscape, Prescriber's Letter, and Medical Letter are great for updates until the next edition is published.
  • bjpage - The most intuitive software I have ever used.Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011The digital tablet that i bought would be worthless without Sketchbook. It features and ease of use make it worth twice the price. Most of the software writen exclusively for a digital tablet is clunky and hard to use, but Sketchbook is just like using a drawing pad and pencil, even the paintbrush is wonderfully precise.
  • P. Novak - So far so good!I'm ending my first week on this diet, and I have to say the results are impressive. I've lost just under 10 pounds. The diet works by changing what you eat in 3 phases, where some combination of fruits/vegetables/protein/fats are varied throughout the week. You aren't allowed processed foods, corn, wheat, caffeine, or dairy.

    I'm a picky eater, not fond of many vegetables, seafood, etc. Phase 1 is fairly easy for me as it allows fruit. Phase 3 is also pretty easy as it allows pretty much all of the food groups. Phase 2 on the other hand is strict list of vegetables and protein. I find it the most difficult, particularly for breakfast. I'm not really accustomed to eating vegetables for breakfast, particularly those allowed in the Phase 2 list. But it's only 2 days, and with the results I'm seeing I'll live with it.

    The book itself is well written, and she explains the why and how of the plan. I'll be curious if the weight loss continues without the plateaus I've seen on other diets. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

    I would like to address one comment I've seen in other reviews, stating that this is a "starvation diet". I suspect if you are hungry on this diet you aren't following it quite right. I'd agree that the description of what a portion entails in the recipes (I haven't tried any of them yet) makes the meals look small. For myself, the meals I make are pretty large, and I have rarely felt hunger pangs at all. The hunger pangs I do feel I am attributing to sugar/caffeine withdrawal as they seem to occur when I would normally have desert, or a Coke.

    So far my motivation is holding up, as the weight loss has been constant, and pretty impressive. One week in, I highly recommend this book.