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  • Ben "Ben" - Some Of The People who reviewed this CD are way offI read all the 1-star reviews for this cd and all i can say is how off guard they were most of them went on how it was "Hip" to have it in high school but its nothing more than teenage music that should be forgotten....or another review said that this is the Roger Waters Show which i think is quite funny because i feel that this is Pink Floyds Finest Masterpiece this band deserves all they have anyways get this cd it may be pricy but its worth it my favorite songs are "Hey You" "Run Like Hell" "Young Lust" and much more
  • Knightsbridgelvr - Great information without having to do the dirty workFor me, this was a helpful book to learn about living naturally without having to read some boring book filled with just facts and research and scary information with no helpful tips on how to actually implement changes into your lifestyle.

    Jessica is honest in saying that she isn't some expert scientist or doctor that knows everything about living naturally. She is forthcoming about this book being a sort of journal of her own experiences. She learned a lot of information from other experts along the way and started a company ... and wrote this book to share the knowledge she gained.

    The facts are stated simply and she provides actual solutions and alternatives. The pictures are beautiful and will be a nice added bonus for her fans. I love the recipe suggestions as well as actual cosmetics brands to try that are more natural.
  • aries316 - The more you put on the bigger it gets!I put on one shirt and noticed something changed immediately! There was a tightening in my pants. I unzipped and was pleasantly surprised! So i thought what the hell I ordered a second shirt the results grew even more! Now due to the fact of i wanted more change faster i now am an amazon prime member so i would get the shirts overnight. I am receiving one shirt a day and my wife gets more and more happy every time a new shirt arrives! These are the best shirts ever!
  • Sofia Hernandez "Lover, fighter, sister, moth... - Gorgeous collector 2012I just received this Barbie Collector Holiday doll for 2012 and I am in LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous with her classic red velvet gown and beautiful blonde hair. Her hair and make-up is styled in a very "1950's" bombshell manner. If you love the style of the older Barbies' then you might want to add this doll to your collection.

    This is not a doll that you want to take and hand over to your five year old daughter (or son, if he enjoys them!). Her hair is stiff and she is not a pose-able doll. Quoting Phoebe Buffay from Friends when she was referring to old crunchy Christmas trees that are not purchased on the lot: "She wants to fulfill her Christmas wish!" That is all that Holiday Barbie 2012 wants to accomplish. Let her fulfill her Christmas wish of sitting in her display box or other display case far away from little fingers that want to stick her in her corvette. She is delicate and should just be admired either year round or just for the Holiday season.

    Highly recommend for the serious collector for her beauty and classic American looks. I would go as far as recommending for children if they can grasp that she is only a display piece to love from afar. I would also state that you can leave her in the box that she arrives in. There was bit of thought put into the placement and it displays rather well on it's own.
  • Y. Robles - very nice, cute gymI actually bought this gym because my brother recommended it. He has a daughter that was born a year before my baby and he says she loved her gym. My son loves it too! He's four months old and loves staring at himself in the mirror and kicking the piano :) The mat is kind of small, I'm pretty sure he will outgrow it soon but for now he is very interested in it. Its also cheaper than buying it at the store.