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  • MohaMAD - Mitt's Binder

    Thank you, thank you my fellow Americans and, or course women. Eight months ago when I began my mission to be the future President of the United States' personal binder I knew, without a doubt, I was in the right hands. Today I express my gratitude for Mitt allowing me on this national stage. From my "white" plastic cover to my secure metal binder rings I share your appreciation for my contents. Within me there are pictures and names of women whom I'm sworn to never disclose to Ann Lois. To her my contents are the Golden Tablets. Golden Tablets never to seen by women but I, the official "White" binder, assure you no women photographed, photo shopped, undressed in my pages ever said NO to Mitt. Not one woman said, "Mitt, I have to leave to cook my family's dinner. Not one women with a 48 and above chest size said I am under paid. Not one woman in these pages want personnel birth control paid as a health insurance benefit. Every woman contained within my "White" binder covers agrees with everything Mitt allows them to agree with. One more thing, I personally wish to thank Mitt for having select few "Qualified" women. Without this courtesy I would be replaced by a Chinese IPad counterfeit. My name's Mitt's Binder - purchase me.

  • David L. Smith - The One Minute Cure

    This is a book everyone that likes living in good health needs to read. This could be the difference in Life and Death for you. If you are tired of the poor treatment you are receiving from your doctors then read this book. It seems that all our doctors know to do is have you placed on another medication of some kind. The side effects of the medicines we receive (for our Health) is enough to kill you many times Get to know what H2O2 can do for you. As usual when I heard about "The One Minute Cure" I went to amazon and read some reviews and bought my book. If you enjoy good health, you need to read this book. This is made up of the elements God gave us for healing.

    David Smith

  • onehappyhen - Quickbooks Easy Books

    Quickbooks makes my accounting care-free. With memorized transactions, my regular monthly bills are a no-brainer. By entering bills upon receipt, I do not have to even THINK about when to pay bills - it's all right there! Also invaluable are the many reports especially at tax time! Thanks for the great product.

  • David M Nordmark - Does exactly what it promises

    With the election fast approaching you might feel you need a refresher over what has occurred over the last 4 years. If so, the 106 best reasons NOT to vote for Obama is a good place to start. The book is a VERY quick read as it is really a collection of bullet points outlining the failures of Obama's first term. Where the author needs to expand on a point, he does. Otherwise it makes its points in a bam, bam, boom style. As well, each point is hyperlinked to source material if you want to read more. If Dragnet's Joe Friday were to right a political book, it would likely read like this. It's "Just the facts, ma'am", and it works.