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  • Jose Arretureta "Jose Alberto" - Excellent Smart TV. Excelente TelevisorThis Smart TV is excellent for me. I was looking for a TV that would have Full HD 1080p resolution, web browser, Youtube (perfect synchronization with Android smartphones), Facebook, Twitter, etc, WiFi, USB & HDMI ports (3 ports every one), LED technology, Miracast & DNLA technology and it has all that I was look for.

    The USB ports can plays MKV video files with 1080p resolution perfectly. Even it can reads the subtitles in .srt format. You can watch all photos, movies and listen the music contents on your USB drive.

    The Miracast works perfect with the Wireless Screen of the Google Nexus 4 (Smartphone designed by LG).

    I love this TV and I recommend it highly.

    Este Smart TV es excelente para mí. Yo estaba buscando un televisor que tuviera una resolución Full HD 1080p, navegador web, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, WiFi, puertos USB y HDMI (tiene 3 de cada uno), pantalla LED, Miracast y tecnología DNLA, y tiene todo lo que me buscaba.

    Los puertos USB reproducen perfectamente archivos de vídeo MKV a 1080p de resolución. Incluso puede leer los subtítulos en formato .srt. Usted puede ver todas las fotos, películas y escuchar música contenidos en un Pen Drive.

    El Miracast funciona perfecto con la pantalla inalámbrica del Google Nexus 4 (Smartphone diseñado por LG).

    Me encanta este televisor y lo recomiendo altamente.
  • "kasei2" - This diet gave me back my healthI should have written this review years ago, but I guess it's not too late. Here's my experience:
    After months of suffering GI problems, I was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in the fall of 1996. The specialist wanted to put me on a couple of pharmaceuticals, but I wasn't interested in taking such toxic drugs, so I declined the pills but agreed to use Cortenema. But my condition continued to worsen and I developed other strange symptoms. Researching on the internet, I found out about several alternative treatments and some recommended books. I bought three books including "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." In the end, I decided to go with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and started on it in early December of 1996. When I started, I weighed 90 lbs., was extremely weak and could barely get out of bed. Amazingly, after only about three days on the diet, most of my major symptoms disappeared, and the rest went away within two to three weeks. In short, the SCD pulled me back from pain, suffering, a state of wasting away, and feeling that I was just slowly dying.I lost some more weight at the beginning of the diet, but I continued to stick to the diet, and as my GI tract slowly healed, I began to gain back the weight and energy. By May 1997 I was back all the way. During follow ups, my doctor was surprised that I was doing so well without any medication, but he wasn't interested in hearing about the diet I was following <sigh>. Today, years since I first started, I look and feel just fine. The only times that I've had a relapse is when I have "cheated" by ingesting something that is forbidden on the diet. I have learned much in all these years and been in contact with others on this diet. It works, as long as it is followed to the letter. And contrary to what some reviewers have written here, this diet is not about what you should eat, but about *what not to eat* in order to get well. There's plenty of choice for all types of foods, for a well balanced and healthy diet. I have given this book five stars just because the SCD diet is such a life-saver. But I have to be honest -- as far as books go, this one could have used a good editor to help with the writing style and organization of the book. And the recipes in the book are not quite ready for primetime (thank goodness for all the SCD websites and support groups on the net!). These are minor quibbles, but such things bother me. Other than that, I recommend this book and the diet to everyone who suffers from any type of digestive disorder. You have nothing to lose -- you can even read the book at the library.
  • P. Walton - New BeginningsI have to say since we've been using this program, there have been some major changes in my granddaughter. I purchased this for my daughter, because she was at the end of her rope. There are so many good examples in the cd's and also the weekly emails. All of these tools are starting to work, and easy to follow. They can work as a template for all children you have to enteract with, not just your own, it's pleasant to see the wonderful changes that are starting to appear, I'm glad I chose this for her to help with some ideas on keeping some peace and getting some things accomplished around the house.