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  • Ginnie L. Olson "yummygin" - Adore it!!I'm an avid reader, consuming several books a week. The books piling up has always been such a bother to me, giving them away, keeping them and storing them, selling them, is such a hassle! With Kindle all those woes are Gone Gone GONE! I got mine as a christmas gift, on Christmas Day showing off my new toy to all my family, it was extreamly easy to set up, just TURN it ON! the first time you order, its just easier to Order online because you have to set up your account, but you can do it without if you must. I also like to order my books online, because its faster, and I can set up the options of the books I'm looking for easier, but again, you can do all this from your kindle! I've bought several books, reviewed magazines and papers, sampled new authors, read FREE books, I'm having sooooooo much Fun with my Kindle! its way easier then holding a big hard cover book, I have no problem with turning pages, I take it with me everywhere, my greatest fear is someone might steal it, I watch my kindle like its made of diamonds!
    I love it!
    Best gift I have ever recieved.
  • Jenstam - It WORKS!I cannot say enough about this product. I suffered from chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. I was prescribed several different antibiotics by well meaning doctors but it always came back with my next menstrual cycle. I read a review on the RepHresh gel and decided to give it a try. It worked! I was then able to switch over to Pro-B for maintenance and I have not had BV since!! I have told my doctors. I KNOW this is what worked because nothing else did and it was a problem I had for several years. I was miserable! I have not gotten it ONCE since I've taken these for 2 years now. SO HAPPY to have found the RepHresh products!
  • scesq "scesq" - A Good Tool to Use to Draft a WillI tend to like Nolo Press books. I have WillMaker 2009 which I reviewed positively in the past. I plan to make some changes in my will in the next few months. The new book and new software ensures that I would get any updates to the software until January 1, 2012.

    A brief comparison of the two books shows that one major difference is that chapters 12 through 21 of the 2009 book which dealt with various types of trusts are no longer included. Trusts are mentioned in the 2011 book but in less detail. The 2011 book does give you access to Nolo's Online Living Trust which has a reported value of $169. I have not looked at this in much detail yet since I have no need for trusts and you do need to register. Also included with registration is a download of Nolo's Encyclopedia of Everyday Law.

    The 2009 and 2011 books use the same format. Nolo is great at using plenty of headings and subheadings so that there is no confusion as to what needs to be done when drafting a will. In addition symbols tell readers of certain important issues. For instance there are caution symbols addressing possible mistakes people might make, resource symbols suggesting other resources that may help and see an expert symbols addressing a few area where lawyers are suggested. In addition there is a chapter that talks about additional help options like how to do research yourself or how to find an attorney.

    The software is easy to use and walks you through drafting a will. There is a user's guide for the software at the back of the book that is a little over a 100 pages. I used it once or twice when I had questions about printing documents.

    I always run legal documents by an attorney but this saved me a lot of money because I only spent a short time with the attorney. This is a great resource if you want to draft a will. Nolo is a good source of legal information.
  • Kathleen Haskins - Another brilliant storyI read this book after Chevy Stevens other book 'Never Knowing'. This is an amazing story of survival in the most terrible situation of on-gong abduction. The abductor referred to as 'the creep' by the victim has totally taken over her life. Annie is isolated from her family & friends and the entire world over a period of 10 months. She has to endure repeated rape, starvation, thirst & deprivation of basic humane needs in order to survive. There is so much more.....but I do not want to spoil this book for other readers. I thoroughly recommend this book and can't wait for Chevy next book.