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  • Candy L. Griffin - Norton Antivirus 2013

    I would never be without Norton Antivirus installed on my computer. It has stopped destructive viruses that even my network provider had not stopped and the staff knew nothing about. After calling them about the numerous attacks all stopped by Norton, the providers server finally stopped these attacks, but Norton was there first.

  • thatjeepguy - I'm commenting from this device now!

    This thing is so amazing that if it could have babies, I would have babies with it. I'm not even joking. Best tablet ever. I have no complaints whatsoever.

  • Gloria Cuevas "Avid reader of non-fiction" - A Must for Would-Be General Class Hams

    It's been a while since I used my Tech-Plus privileges, so I have a lot of refreshing to do. "Gordo" writes these books, so well, that it's easy to learn the principles involved in becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. There's a lot of material to cover, but it's written in a way that makes it easy to learn.

  • Barbara - great diet

    This is a wonderful diet. It has really opened my eyes as to what has been going in my mouth that has no food value!
    It was difficult for me to follow. I had to write everything down so I would know what to eat in each phase and to keep track of when to eat. The timing has been the hardest thing for me. It is very hard for me to eat within 30 min. of waking. Then I have to write down when to eat the rest of the day or I will miss a meal. It is not an easy diet, you have to really be dedicated!! I have been on it two weeks and I feel a thousand times better than when I started. More energy, sleep better, just feel healthy overall. I have been cooking more and enjoying it more! It's hard to eat out with this diet--not impossible but it takes some planning. I lost 6 lbs. the first week. Have not checked this week yet.
    Overall, it is very eye opening about nutrition in this country. We eat a bunch of processed and altered junk that our bodies do not need, so it is stored as fat. This book will change the way you eat forever!!!!!

  • TennWill - '13 is a triumph for Armin!

    Wow! I’m quite impressed with ASOT 2013. I chose to buy the entire 2 CD collection after downloading a couple tracks in the lossless format from a Dance oriented digital music retailer. It turns out that was a great decision. Each track is pulsing with energy. Waiting For The Night is just one of many standout tracks on the Beach disc. I can easily see myself dancing, gaming or playing volleyball with these tunes cranked. Two cuts I find quite appealing on the Club disc are New York City and Superfly. The entire collection is a welcome break from the oftentimes chaotic EDM we are currently hearing on the radio. The aural handiwork on these tracks bathes you in pleasant melodies and occasional whimsical vocals. If you enjoy Trance and/or Dance Music that truly grabs you look no further.