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  • Momof2beautys "Christina S" - Keeps me healthy....and at a healthy weight.I drink 4-6 Ensure Plus a day, and I have for many years. The only flavor I can stomach anymore is the Milk Chocolate....not too sweet so it goes down easiest. The taste is tolerable and the texture is like a whole milk.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis, so maintaining a gaining weight is a struggle. Ensure is the only supplement that has worked for me....over Boost and the other brands. I too agree that the price on Amazon is WAY too high. I have found the best price at Sam's Club, a case for about $30.

    Also a GREAT immune system booster!

    If it is a medical reason, you can have a prescription written and insurance may cover.
  • ValtheRed - Husband loves it!I purchase all the tech at my house. When my husband wanted an IPad, I told him no, this was much better than the IPad 2 in my opinion. This tablet is so clear and has a better battery life, CPU, and more storage than the IPad 2. Even the new IPad 3 is not as good as this one, to me. I cannot be happier with how games, email, and note-taking are so easy for my husband to do on this tablet. It is really great to find a product which is less expensive and better than a similar product. This tablet allows my husband to leave his heavy graphics-intensive ASUS computer at home on days when he doesn't need it, but still be able to access the Internet and do work, research, and play games! I am even thinking about purchasing one of these for my teenage son, that's how much I like this tablet!
  • Maria M. Costello "mimi" - Second time aroundI read the Mitford series as soon as each one was published. I am now re-reading the series and can say that I am enjoying it as much or more than the first readings. Such a nice change from all the vampire/crime books that are currently on the bestseller lists. I want to live in Mitford for a day!
  • Tina J OKeefe - page turner, unreal story!Written through the eyes of a young woman, I was impressed by the sweetness and openness of this book. Any negative reviews should be removed as they are just ridiculous. She has a right to write about her experience which was really unbelievable, anyone that says otherwise should just shut up. The fact that she turned out as grounded and accomplished as she has says a lot about her character. Most people would not have fared so well. It's a page turner.