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  • Rachel Hefner "Book Fanatic" - Excellent Series!

    Singh starts a whole new world with this series. I loved this book, it kept you interested, introduced you to a new take on evolution that is the world in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes alpha characters, suspense, murder, lust, love, tears, honor. Really this is a good book, excellent modern writing, keep you interested from the first sentence. I cant wait to continue reading this series! Hurray, a excellent new author, with an excellent new set of characters!

  • Steve Tucker - Problem Child

    Junior year of high school my daughter got into drugs and became very rebellious at home and school. I was afraid she would never graduate and eventually wind up in jail or dead. I was making it worse by my hostile parenting skills. The Total Transformation taught me the skills to better work with my daughter and get her to understand her problems and that there was a better life for her. We now have a much more stable and peaceful family dynamic. My daughter has given up the drugs and successfully graduated high school. She is now attending college, doing well, and aspirations of a career. I could not have accomplished this without the skills learned in the Total Transformation Program. In addition, my daughter had nearly financially destroyed me and Legacy Publishing made it financially possible for me to use the program. My family thanks you.

  • Mindy Hagar "MoM of 4" - Great Product

    I have had this product for more than a year now and I absolutly love it. It is some much better than douch and you can use it everyday. Great for when you on your period, after sex or working out. Keeps you fresh and clean. It is also says alot of money since you just use plain water while showering.

  • Ladyetrek - A wonderful look into biblical times

    This is the second book I have read by this author...and I loved it. There is both humor and sadness...one portion actually brought tears to my eyes while others had me smiling with appreciation at the witty dialogue. These stories have a solid basis in historical fact and give us insight as to what it was like to live in ancient times. I heartily recommend both this book and Pearl in the Sand.

  • Nancy E. Deren - My favorite fitness game

    My family and I love this game. We've had it for about three months, and are still using it several times a week. The variety is wonderful, with everything from some pretty intense work-outs (especially some of the boot camp and cardio work-outs) to light fun games (stomp it, stack 'em up) and all kinds of things in between (cardio boxing, yoga, lots of new dances- African, hip hop, Latin, etc). My daughter has been much more motivated to exercise with this than with any of the other fitness games we have. She loves all the games where we can compete against each other, and she especially enjoys the Run the World and jump roping. She also thinks it is really cool that she can actually see herself as if she is looking in a mirror. That's a big improvement over avatars in the other games, or the humanoid blob in the previous version (although we liked that too). Another big improvement over the previous version is that there are more choices of longer routines. I still wish they had some that were 45 minutes or more, but there are several 20-25 minute choices in all different sections (cardio, Run the World all races for London and New York, boot camp, yoga, etc) and the menus are very smooth and easy to use, so you can put together a longer work-out without really having to pause very much. I find this one to be the most accurate, least buggy, and to have the most real variety with totally different kinds of activities, not just slightly different versions of similar activities. I have a very small living room and I never have trouble with Your Shape picking up movements accurately, so I would most strongly recommend this game for people with limited space, and for people who need fun and variety for motivation.