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  • M. Paz "Mawitta" - No more split ends!!!

    I am a frequent swimmer. My hair was suffering with all of the chlorine I was exposing it to. I bought this hair cap and it has been the best thing since ever it's like the Ray Bans for head comfortable, durable and it protects my hair from the chemicals like the Ray Bans would with U.V. A must buy from a girl to a girl -- love your hair ladies and invest in this head piece.

  • Krzy8 - worked for me

    I purchased this after the doctor put me on an antibiotic for 6 months for reoccurring bacteria infections, I felt like I was allergic to my husband :(. I also felt like I was having more yeast problems with the antibiotic so I needed something besides yogurt (which I hate). After a week of taking this I felt so much better, no more burning or itching and my sex life is so much better. I went to the doctor for a check up 2 weeks after using this and I was clean no more bacteria/yeast. I still have to take my antibiotic 2 times a week for 2 more months. she said to continue to use the pro-b. I'm very excited to have found this product.

  • M. Bretscher "Mother B loves mystery" - Far beyond my expectations ...

    To read such a thrilling, twisting, turning mystery and never have to return to previous pages for clarification is the mark of excellence in writing. The greatest mystery books (and I have read so very many over my many years) give you clarity of settings, memorable naming of characters, and transitions that move you along without loss of pace or understanding. This book provided all of that. When can we expect your next book?