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Country: Africa, ZA, South Africa

City: Waverley, Gauteng

  • K. Spina - Excellent cap for the costI took up swimming two months ago. This cap has been worn in the pool every day for at least 45 minutes per day. It goes on easily and keeps my shoulder length hair in place. Once on I don't even feel it. My hair does get wet around the edges but I do not expect anything different, considering the amount of active swimming I am doing. It stays in place. No sign of it wearing out any time soon. I take care to rinse it in the sink and air dry it when I'm done each day. When I put it on I am careful to not poke it with my engagement ring or my nails. If I need another at some point I will buy this kind again.
  • Dr. Bell - Invaluable Drug Guide for NursesAs a nurse, I can't keep up with every new drug or all of the side effects or interactions. There are a lot of drug books for nurses but this one is (a) easy to navigate, whether you have the drug's scientific name, commercial name or just the category of drug it falls under, (b) concise, unlike a PDR, albeit with abbreviations, listed in the front, (c) truly small enough to fit into a pocket. So you have it at the medcart, bedside, everywhere. This is especially handy if you work for an institution that forbids cell phones and personal electronics, so you can't consult a downloaded or online source.