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  • Loreley - Always With Me on My TripsI've had this for over 3 years, and this is a great lens that I always take with me on trips. I feel the sharpness and image quality are great and also frequently discussed elsewhere so I'll focus on other aspects.

    * I like this focal range. And for an ultra wide angle lens, a millimeter or two can make a huge difference.
    * The filter size (77mm) seems to be fairly common. I didn't get to appreciate this fact until I bought more lenses.
    * Very light (as expected for an EF-S).
    * AF is very responsive.

    * The build quality isn't poor, but I do wish it was a little sturdier at this price point. The Tokina 11-16 felt more solid. That said, it has withstood a 2-foot drop onto the pavement.
    * Not the fastest lens in this focal range and has a variable aperture (eg. Tokina 11-16 is a constant f2.8).
  • Matt - Worth the wait!This is my first tablet (64 gb gray) and let me tell you it is unreal. It was absolutely worth the wait. Everything about it is awesome...the design, processor, screen is beautiful. GPS is bad but who is honestly going to us this in their car. That is not a deal breaker. I have played with quite a few tablets and I can honestly say this is the best. Wayyyyy better than the Ipad and all other Android tablets. Highly highly recommend!
  • Regina "Regina" - Dark disturbing but ultimately amazingI listened to the audio of this book and the performance was amazing. I absolutely could not stop listening, I could not look away. Listening to this story unfold is akin to watching a horrible accident, you know you don't want all the details but it is impossible to look away. The subject matter is very disturbing and the details of what the kidnapper did to Anna are disturbing but told in a very realistic manner. The story is not easy to ready/listen to and I would suggest that people who are easily affected by disturbing violent actions and emotional scenes to avoid Still Missing. This book is my first 5 star book that is not also one of my favorite books; the intensity of the story and the twist at the end made the story deserving of 5 stars. This book is the realistic version and adult version of what really happens when a woman is kidanpped compared with the saccharine tale of Stolen: A Letter to My Captor.
  • Mato Sappa - happy dog; happy ownerMy husky likes to hang by the house most of the time, but occasionally she gets a fever to explore. I love that I can give her some freedom but get notified on my iphone if she's wandered too far. If you read through the instructions you won't have any of the difficulties described in the other reviews. I adjusted the Tagg zone to the right size and am able to clip the tracker securely to her harness. When I need to track her down it shows me an approximate location and I can call her in. If there was continuous tracking on demand, the device would be absolutely perfect.