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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • Laura - A Very Good Read

    I purchased a copy of this book on Amazon after a recommendation from a friend. I was hooked on the first few pages and wasn't able to put the book down so I managed to finished reading the entire book in 2 days. Although Ping Fu's story may be inaccurate, her writing is really attractive and very inspiring. I admire how she was able to climb her way up to success to become one of America's most inspiring enterpreneur despite experiencing many bitter situations in her past life during the Cultural Revolution. By writing this book, Ping Fu's purpose to inspire her audiences to stand back up whenever they encounter bitter situations and look for positive ways to resolve those situations. Just never give up on life. This is message behind the title, "Bend, Not Break".

  • Angela M. Shorter - LOVE it

    My hormones have finally gotten back under control :) I dont' necessarily see it as a fertility drug even though we are trying but since my hormones have gotten under control, iv'e felt better than ever!