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  • Barry S. - Nothing Gets By It!

    I've been using Norton products for several years now ever since I got burned by McAfee.Since then I've only used Norton Internet Security Suites and I've never had any malware penetrate it's defenses. I started using Norton based on reviews by the online computer magazines. It's the best and you can get good prices if you look around. It's easy to install and maintain. If your computer is infected when you install this, it will clean it up. It's good peace of mind knowing your system is secure. With Norton you won't be sorry but with the others you might be.

  • Rob "Do-it-yourselfer" - The best I've tried so far !

    I had purchased a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet ( check my review on that product ) but was not impressed by it at first. The bundled software was hideous and so is Artrage2 which I also bought. Then I started checking out the Sketchbook reviews and decided to give its 15 day free trial a go and Voila! My tablet now has life! Sketchbook is so easy to use I made my first full digital painting WITHOUT ever looking at the tutorials. I went in head first and came out very pleased. I have included my first painting to show you all the ease of this wonderfull product. Everybody says Photoshop is the way to go but with Adobes $600-&800 price tag I just cannot justify paying that much for a freaking CD, I dont care if it prints money! Autodesk is affordable, powerfull and easy to use from beginner to pro. What more can you ask from a product? I highly recommend this and will purchase it myself soon as my trial will be ending in a few days. I cannot wait until I get a Wacom Cintiq 21 and use it with Sketchbook, my mouth drools thinking about what I'll be able to produce.

  • NC Mommy - Awesome Stroller for Toddlers!

    I replaced my Abiie G2G Babydeck, (which is a great stroller for birth-18 months, but a short seat to footrest and seat that won't allow a toddler to sit upright lead to my replacing it) with this stroller, and I am extremely happy with the B-Agile. My 18 month old is tall (36 inches) with really long legs, so I had to find a stroller that had room to grow from seat to footrest. The B-Agile has this. I also like the upright position of the seat, so she's almost sitting straight up. The light weight and portability of this makes it easy to transport (if you fly, spend the extra $ and get the bag. The airlines scratched my Abiie extensively when I last flew with it), and the canopy extends well to cover her when she's napping. I also like the one hand operation, so I can maneuver the B-Agile easily through store doors (where one hand is opening the door and the other is pushing the stroller). There are so many pros to this stroller! The only cons are for an almost $200 stroller (I actually purchased mine from Toys-R-Us with a 20% discount card and got it for $167.00), you'd expect to get the snack tray (an additional $15.99 through Overall, this is a great stroller!