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  • Deborah - LeapFrog Pad 2

    I bought this for my grandchildren and I wasn't sure if they would like it. My grandchildren are 5 and 7 years old. Christmas morning my grandchild of 5 open the present and it seem she didn't like it. However, after opening all her gifts she started playing the LeapFrog and she is forwever hook. My grandson of 7 years, love it too, and won't shared the leapfrong pad 2 with his friends. I must say, once the start playing with the leapfrog, it's slient, because the are concentrating on the apps. Thank you leapfrog.

  • tamara elrod - Finally something that works!

    I have had cols sores on and off for 10 years.They get real ugly and painful with blisters real fast.I have used several OTC products for years and even a prescription product that didn't work.I received a FREE trial of Orajel Cold Sore form Smiley360 and man am I a happy camper.It worked in just 2 days.My blisters were gone and it had stopped itching.I am so thankful and grateful.

  • Jake Jundt - Console of the Year

    Its not a brick! and it works with absolute speed. Im not gunna write a long review since you could probably read everyone elses. But overall next-gen video game system! You need to experience it for yourself and if your worried that yours will be a brick, just realize 0.4% is very small percentage

  • sarahjmusic - THE BEST GLASSES!

    We were lucky to get these glasses before buying a bunch of bogus ones. These are soOOO COMFORTABLE! And they block out the light from your side-vision. They fit well over perscription glasses as well! They also make the screen appear more vivid than the battery powered glasses. They are rechargable, but I only seem to recharge them like once a month. Worth the money!

  • Victoria Sherbin - It's actually a really great game.

    When it first came out there were issues with the servers, I understand that. I played on one play for the first two weeks of the game while they got everything straightened out.
    Things are working great now and I can play with my friends.

    It's a great upgrade from the original Sim City and it sucks you in. I played over 40 hours the first week I had it.

    Love the series and the game. Great Job guys!