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  • Ann Eckhart "Annabella's Gift Shop" - How Did I Live So Long Without My Kindle?!I went back and forth on buying a Kindle for over a year....when I finally bought one, I immediately kicked myself for waiting so long! After giving books away when I ran out of space, only to wish later that I still had them, I was tired of wasting money on books that were no longer in my pocession. Now I have my entire library of book in one device! I worried I would miss the "feel" of a book in my hand, but the Kindle is so comfortable to hold and easy to read, that I don't miss physical books at all.
  • Tom N - Great computer replacement for non-techies?I own multiple tablets (iPad 1st gen, Kindle Fire 1st gen, BlackBerry Playbook). This is the best so far.

    It's mostly the fact that all Android apps just work on it, but it's more. The tablet comes with so many standard devices that phones do, that stuff just works. For example, a GPS for Google Maps a mic for voice input, etc.


    1. Get the keyboard. It completely changes this device's uses.

    2. Turn off the trackpad. It's too sensitive when typing. Ideally, someone could just turn off trackpad clicks, but that feature doesn't exist... so just turn off the trackpad and touch the screen.

    3. Combine with a 4G wifi hotspot device and this thing goes anywhere.

    4. Install the Puffin browser for speedy internet access. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the speed is worth it.
  • Markone "Mark" - The GRAMMY Nominees CD is always a good bet to get...The GRAMMY Nominees CD is always a good bet to get. The 2013 issue does not disappoint.
    It had all of my favorites and some that I will now give a listen too. That is the mark of a good compilation CD, that it exposes you to artist that you normally don't listen to. I highly recommend that this become a yearly purchase for every music fan.
    AMAZON's option of buying the CD and getting the same as a free MP3 is the greatest idea they have had. It truly is a value packed deal. I will only buy my CD's from AMAZON from now on.
  • J. Cox - Great historical fiction!The value of historical fiction is that, if well written, it inserts you into the scene: you feel present with the main characters, you hear and learn their manner of speech, feel their fears and frustrations, and you can almost smell the action. Ralph Peters has created just that - superb historical fiction. Peters has put a face - actually, dozens of real life faces - on both major and minor participants at Gettysburg in July, 1863. You the reader get inside the personalities of the generals, who, as Ralph Peters expertly portrays, never have clear views of the battlefield - not before, during or even after a clash. Many history writers stop there. Not Peters. With his mastery of research and careful reading of soldiers' and officers' letters and diaries, Peters recreates the feelings of loneliness, helplessness and often hopelessness felt by individual combatants on both sides.

    Ralph Peters in Cain at Gettysburg has made a significant contribution to portraying the events of Gettysburg in compelling human terms, which is the essence of warfare - not the movement of arrows on maps. If you have visited the battlefields of Gettysburg, your visit will not be complete until you have read Cain at Gettysburg. If you haven't, you owe it to yourself to do both.