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  • Geronimo Andrews - Very helpful guide to whisky

    If you are interested in whisk(e)y and don't have this little book, or (as in my case) have an older edition, this 2013 edition is well worth the purchase price. It's in a small format that is easy to slip into your coat or cargo pants pocket so you can have it with you as you are scanning the array of selections on the store shelf. As other reviewers have said, not everyone will agree with all of Murray's reviews, and with this many individual reviews, not all of them can be completely detailed and elaborate tasting notes. But the reviews of the better and more commonly encountered good brands include Murray's signature idiosyncratic tasting notes. I have used it to find several nice single malts that were highly rated, but not exorbitantly priced. It's especially valuable for novices like me whose whiskey world previously was limited to Jack Black and Coke.

  • Julia Casas - Great Tablet

    This tablet has great technology and you get a lot for the price you pay (refurbished) It's not the newest model but I didn't need that, this one has all the gadgets I needed

  • Jamie Wilson "Shilom" - The Heist is just a Geist?

    Gray has come to accept things that the Council has told him, such as when he's eighteen, he will be taken, just like all the other boys. However, his mom, who loves him too much to simply accept this lying down, tells him there is more going on than meets the eye. She slips him a note she shouldn't that questions his whole world, and there begins an amazing novel of what could be any world, even ours. So what happens to the boys who are taken...?