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  • gitmo cowboy "still not terrorized" - Fun for kids and terrorists!

    When we first set it up we tried it with my daughters African American Magic Jewel Ken Doll and Barbie Princess of the Nile Doll but they were pulled out of line before the security checkpoint and taken to a back room for "processing."

    We haven't seen them since but received a phone call from a buddy at the state department: something about "extraordinary rendition." I hope they make it home it time for the holidays.

    Thanks Playmobil!!!

  • Mike - Very solid buy

    I actually love my new Samsung tablet. Makes me wonder why I ever considered buying an ipad. Loving the android operating system though it does contain a few bugs. Kinda still mad at Samsung though. The tablet came with a piece of plastic over the screen which would've served well as a default screen protector but it's riddled with unnecessary advertising words that force you to remove it and buy your own screen protector. Very stupid!

  • Lesley X - Saved my hair!

    I had extremely damaged hair after going from dyed black to brown, (my hair is naturally dark brown, straight, fine and about 50% gray). After color removal and several bleach treatments my hair was like straw, would not hold color at all, and my only option appeared to cut it all off. After reading about Aphogee Two-step treatment, I felt like this was my last option (before cutting off the damage!) I had already tried many conditioning treatments with no improvement including K-pak, coconut oil overnight, etc.

    First, I read up on the application process, as well as all the reviews I could find. I then applied the Aphogee Two-Step with a spray bottle, it is messy and starts hardening in about 5 minutes, so I saturated my hair and then loosely piled it on top on my head, blow dried for 50 minutes until it was hard and seemed as dry as it would get. Per suggestions from previous reviewers, I reclined in the tub to allow my hardened hair to soften and then showered and rinsed for several minutes. I applied Biolage conditioning balm to my hair for about 5 minutes and rinsed. I added some Its-a-10 and some Fekkai glossing cream.

    Okay, so after all of this, my hair still looked bad, it was less dry and somewhat healthier looking, but it was not a miracle or dramatic improvement. I hoped that after coloring it would improve. I waited 24 hours and colored with a non-permanent color, conditioned with Biolage for about 5 minutes, rinsed, towel dried & applied Its-a-10 & fekkai glossing cream.

    Wow! My hair looked good, it felt soft and held the color.It's been two weeks now and the color still looks great! There has been a huge improvement and I am very happy that I will not need to cut off all my hair.

    Some tips:
    Apply with a spray bottle.
    Plan beforehand where you will place your hair to ensure that it will completely dry, you cannot move it AT ALL once it dries as it may break off!
    Wear gloves, the product is sticky and a bit irritating to the skin.
    I used a hand dryer and it worked great, just plan at least 30 minutes of straight blow drying.
    Before using, read all the reviews, I found this very helpful.
    I don't plan on using it again at this time, but if I do, you need to wait 6 weeks between treatments.
    Make sure to condition afterwards with a non-protein condition.
    Only use this if your hair is extremely damaged, it is not for healthy hair.