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  • Charles Anderson - Tough at first, but it will cure you.

    I picked up this book 3 years ago. I had also bought a LOT of other books - this book had what I considered to be the "hardest" diet to follow. It required me to change my life. I had racked up 20,000 in medical debt, had been hospitalized several times, had fistula drained, was on prednisone, asacol, flagyl, cipro. My wife was a wreck worrying over me while I wasted away.

    I finally had an attack that put me in the hospital for a week. It was all the incentive I needed. At the time I started, I was 5'6", 97 pounds, and could barely scrap together the energy to stand for 15 minutes. The first two weeks were the hardest, but I went from diarrhea 8 to 10 times a day down to 2 or 3. A month in, perhaps once or twice. Two months in - diarrhea had stopped. Three months in - no more meds. Six months in - felt better than I had before college(eight years prior), my weight was back to 135 pounds. I'm now three years in. I had a colonoscopy three months ago - all the massive damage to my large and small intestine were 98% gone - only minor scarring remains.

    God willing, in another three I'll have completely cured this "incurable" disease. Your results will be better than mine, give the book a try. By word of mouth alone, three friends have turned their problems around too.

  • Godsballs - Putting the Christmas back into Christmas

    I've had problems with erectile dysfunction for years, but one read of Ms Palins go-get-em defence of good old patriotic Christmas values soon had me more virile than a stag on stag viagra or whatever it is they eat in Canada. The headboard got so out of whack I had to buy a book on woodwork, which while interesting in itself, offered no help in the bedroom department.

    So thank you Ms Palin, thank you. Not only will we be celebrating your kind of Christmas this year, but I'll be reading it again and again during our weekly nuptials because its frankly more interesting than the back of my wife's head.

    The perfect sticking filler. And the book is great too.

  • muzyklvr05 - Centrix Q zone Quiet 1500

    My wife found this hair dryer online when she was searching for a dryer that didn't make her ears ring. She has short hair and wasn't looking for a dryer that would dry her hair quickly since that was not an issue. This dryer is so quiet that she can hear me in the next room while drying her hair and we can carry on a conversation if we like. She has been using it daily for a month and is very happy with everything about it. It has 3 speed settings and 3 heat settings. She uses the hottest setting at the root and then uses the cold shot to lock in the lift. She says this dryer helps her get a style like she gets at the salon. She loves this dryer and says it is well worth the money since she uses it everyday and doesn't want to damage her hearing.