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  • Dr. E - Another Fantastic Product from Seagate

    Having a positive history with Seagate products, I decided to entrust my "digital life" to this portable hard-drive. As expected, I was not disappointed. (This is the third Seagate product I have used ... and each is absolutely amazing!!)

    Since I carry another portable hard-drive to all my lectures, I constantly have this sense of paranoia: what if I drop it in the parking lot and it shatters into zillions of plastic shards, what if I spilled my ginormous coffee on it, etc. So, I "backed-up my back-up" with the newest Seagate Slim and it went swimmingly. I put that one in a safe-box in my bedroom. Not long after this, one of my colleagues' work-computers was wiped-out (one of my worst nightmares). When I asked him about a back-up, he said the last time he backed-up his computer, he left the hard-drive in his basement office ... which sustained flood damage last September. Paranoia set in yet again. So I grabbed this hard-drive, copied everything and left it at my mother's home. I figure that I can easily update these two or three times a year. And, the peace of mind this provides is invaluable. Yes, perhaps I am a maniac; however, when I consider the CDs that I transferred to this hard-drive (CDs that I long since sold), the irreplaceable photos, and even the PDF books, it all seems entirely logical (to me).

    A note on the process: transferring the contents of one hard-drive to another was a snap. All films, lectures, vacation pictures, music, and papers copied flawlessly. I transferred about 250GB. The process went smoothly, quickly, and there was no overheating (whatsoever). This hard-drive is slightly bulkier than the slim one, but I find it equally as appealing (if not a bit heartier).

    As with the slim version, I have had one minor quibble with Seagate in the past (and this applies here). Because they can be connected to an internal hard-drive, it comes apart. My previous experience is that when I am in a rush and acting carelessly, if I tug the cord out (without holding the lower part of the Seagate hard drive), it comes apart in two ... and panic floods me. So, my only caution to the potential buyer is that you should firmly hold the bottom half when removing the cord. (I wish that these had a button or something that would allow it to be disassembled when desired, but prevent that when it is not). (See, it's a little quibble).

    Seagate is always well-worth the investment. This version easily fits into any messenger-bag or brief-case. And, it is much more reliable than uploading your presentations to YouTube (and then hoping that the internet isn't "down" or that YouTube has not accidentally removed your work).

  • kindred spirit - Leap into University for little kids.

    This is an upgrade from Leappad 1 at our house. Last years model still going strong but some new features make this a hit. We like to have educational toys that are also fun in our home. This pad is very durable and takes pretty much what the 4 yr old dishes out. The bright blue and green colors are great for both boys and girls.
    There is a camera front and back facing. These are not high quality but to the kids they are a lot of fun. Taking a picture of yourself making faces that is worth hours of fun.

    You get a $20 gift card for online game purchase but don't count on that buying a lot. All of your past purchases are compatable with this pad. Update Oct 7, 2013 forgot to mention you get a 30% discount on your first purchase so The $20 goes further. I got 3 programs and still have a $2.50 credit to the account. It is off your whole order.

    Art Studio and the Creativity Bundle are the favorites here.

    The one thing that was a disappointment was this one takes 4 AA batteries and depending on how much play in a day that can be one day. We go with recharagables so there are always some ready.

    It also comes with stickers to decorate the pad or other items the child may want to use them on. This with he DVD at Christmas if it is out would be a wow gift. Little ones see adults with tablets and want them but the 4 and 5 yr olds still need sturdy toys and you have to set up lots of parental controls to keep them safe. There are no worries with this you set the tablet up on the computer make purchases then the child can do anything on the pad.

    You get a 1 year warranty at this price point I was glad to see that.

  • Inglath Cooper "Bestselling Author" - Beautiful Story...Beautiful writing!

    Beautiful Ruins is a beautiful story partly set in a place I love: Italy! The cover caught my eye, and the book lived up to expectation. These are characters who will stay with you long after you read the last page. The writing is gorgeous, and there were many moments when I caught myself chuckling over the dialogue between Italian characters and English-speaking characters when they thought they understood what the other was saying! Highly recommend!

  • D. Curry - Teemptooth works great!!

    I'll admit that I was reluctant to shell out just shy of $40 for this product. However, it worked great. I was able to make several teeth very quickly and easily that stayed in place and no one besides myself noticed. I eventually used coffee as the heat source to help match the color. Only thing I might recommend is to sell fewer beads for less, maybe a small package of 20 beads? I still have enough beads to make an entire mouth of teeth, which I hope never to have to do again. Plus you can remelt the old teeth and reshape or add beads. Much cheaper than the $1400 the dentist charged to fix, fit, and make a new crown.

  • beblebrox - A Breakfast Treat!

    I have found, through much trial and error, that one cup of Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz to two cups of Uranium Ore, one cup of Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix, Gluten-Free, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3), and one Emu Egg makes for amazing, light, fluffy pancakes. Whats more, not only do they taste delicious, they are easily found in a darkened room due to their pleasing unearthly green glow. Your kids will love them, and better yet, they can be used for a valuable lesson in financial management! The repeated tooth loss that rapidly follows can be used to teach your children about money management due to the windfall they will realize due to repeated visits from the Tooth Fairy. Trust me, no family should be without these fine products. Alone they are valuable in and of themselves. Combined, you will positively glow with the quantum leap your taste buds will experience as they transition into a new state of scintillation that does not decay.